Monday, September 22, 2003

The SuperStar Fiasco

I couldn't let this one pass without comment... I came back from my holidays last week to find Kuwait's Islamist nutjobs up in arms over a stupid concert featuring the 12 finalists from the the "SuperStar" talent contest, who were touring the region to capitalize on their popularity.

My first reaction: WHY THE FUCK DID I COME BACK TO THIS NONSENSE ?! I was so happy to be away from this sort of thing; holidays abroad are not just a break from work, you know. They're a chance to escape from life's annoying people and things - most notably the backward thinking that has gripped our country - and go see how the civilized world is living, but I digress... I love how these fundamentalist fools get worked up over the most trivial of things, and then when a serious national issue is up for debate or requires their input, they just twiddle their thumbs - and God knows what else!

But anyway, they were summarily ignored by everyone and the show went on for 2 nights. The government - in a break from tradition! - also chose to ignore them. Sheikh Sabah and the Minister of Information are in New York now, where I'm sure they don't want to be bothered with this crap. And it worked! Now they're falling over themselves trying to backtrack and appear moderate... Too little, too late!

Sunday, September 21, 2003


Welcome to Kuwait Rewind...

This is a brand new blog dedicated to... anything and everything to do with Kuwait! It's called "Rewind" because it will basically rehash some events that may be a few days old, but as seen through my twisted lens.

If you don't come from or live in Kuwait, this site may not be of any interest to you. If, on the other hand, you want to get a completely biased and merciless take on local current events... you've come to the right place. It will be random and ruthless take-no-prisoners forum to discuss local politics, business, arts, society... you name it!

For a taste of things to come, read my test post below about the pathetic state of Kuwaiti theatre.

No one will escape my wrath!!!