Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Flu Season

Watch out everyone... it's out there. I'm sick with the flu and staying at home in the foulest mood EVER!!! :-(

Monday, January 26, 2004

He's Back Ladies & Gentlemen!!

And with a vengeance too! I'd had enough of blogging after the war ended (honestly, I don't know how all you bloggers out there keep up!)

I even tried my hand at a totally anonymous blog in which I could freely trash anything and anyone here in Kuwait - and God knows there are plenty of targets - but even that fizzled out. I wasn't sufficiently motivated, and I couldn't get it to work properly either and forgot how to upload pictures which made it rather dull...which is another reason I'm reviving this blog. It's already set up to function exactly the way I want it to, so why reinvent the wheel and start another one?

I stayed complacent for a while but suddenly something in me snapped and I decided that it was time I went back to writing.. perhaps to find an outlet for my frustrations.

So without further fanfare, I'm returning to the original "Live from Kuwait" blog, only this time I'm calling it "Kuwait Unplugged" (very original) and it won't have much to do with Iraq and the dismal situation over there. There are plenty of excellent bloggers in Iraq whose voices are finally being heard after years of oppression. Some of them are already listed on the left, with more to come very soon.

This blog will be totally random and irregular (i.e. I'll post whenever I feel like it), and it will contain a broad range of topics. You can see samples from the few posts that I did on the anonymous blog between May and November 2003. They're just too nasty to throw away :-P