Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Vote for Bashar on Star Academy!

I can't believe I'm getting carried away with this whole Star Academy business. In the UK, Fame Academy was a tacky TV show that pitted contestants from across the UK. Here the Arabic version has taken on a whole new dimension as it becomes a show of national pride between various Arab countries. Sure, the Arab League Summit fell apart for unexplained reasons but at least Arabs are united in their love for "Star Academy"... a sad state of affairs indeed. Anyway, leaving nationalistic considerations aside.. Bashar is truly the more talented of the two remaining finalists.

As an aside, however, most people don't realize (yet!) the sense of empowerment that shows like "Star Academy" and "SuperStar" (the Arabic Pop Idol) have given Arab audiences. You see, for the first time in their lives, many Arabs of all ages, religions and genders are free to VOTE!! Yes, they are FREE to vote for whoever they like without any coercion or bribery, and no retarded Islamists or Bedouins telling them that they can't vote.

Should we look forward to a day when all Arabs can choose their leaders as freely?

A literary event

And trust me, there ain't too many of those around here! I was honored to be invited to a book launch reception for our very own Dalaa Al-Mufti (aka Dalaa Al-Sultan). She has just published her first novel titled "Hunna... Lasna Anti" or "They.. Are Not You", and the reception was held at the wonderful Qurtas Bookstore right in the middle of the old souk in downtown Kuwait City. The setting was great, and the turnout was just as good. We all got autographed copies of the book.

I will read the novel as soon as I can (hopefully this weekend!), it is supposed to be a "roman a clef", a work of fiction rooted in reality, so it has to be a great read! I urge you all (well, those of you who can read Arabic!) to buy this book now and lend your support to a burgeoning talent!

Well done Dalaa! Woo hoo!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The end of ski season

I would kill to be on skis right now, as the season draws to a close and the sunshine is relentless

Burn Fat at Hypoxi Center!

About that small business I mentioned in the last post.... My siblings and I have opened a new studio called Hypoxi Center. It offers a unique treatment that visibly reduces fat and cellulite in the most stubborn areas of your body such as the thighs and stomach, using a patented vacuum method. The resultant increased blood supply and circulation causes concentrated fat breakdown to take place in precisely the cellulite and fat prone areas of the hips, thighs and buttocks. The unique similtaneus activity of vacuum suction and exercise increases the supply of nutrient and oxygen rich blood to the PROBLEM ZONES speeding up metabolism and fat burning to reduce the appearance of cellulite with lasting positive results.

I could go on, but it's best you stop by for a consultation or go through the website. Sadly, our center in Shaab is a ladies-only facility. BUt we will be opening a men's facility very soon.

The phone number at Shaab is 264-0419, and yes you all need it!

I'm sorry.. I really am!

Has it been that long?? I promised to post on a more regular basis but somehow it just slipped my mind. Plus, I've been so busy the past month with work, renovating the house, opening up a small business (more on that later) and traveling to Beirut and Dubai, for both work and pleasure. March seems to be the longest month, but I like it here because the weather is so pleasant.

So yes.. I'm back for real this time :-)