Wednesday, April 07, 2004

GUYS!! Lose That Spare Tyre Around Your Stomach!

Hypoxi Kuwait will open its men's facility at Club Elite at JW Marriott, so now men can also benefit from its unique therapy. VACUNAUT is a unique revolutionary alternative method combining vacuum therapy and gentle exercise to target fat burn in the abdominal area.

An initial consultation with our on-site therapist is recommended to determine the number of sessions you will require, based on your weight and your body-fat measurements. The sessions are taken in courses and are priced as follows:
12 session course KD 175
18 session course KD 250
24 session course KD 325

Club Elite members are entitled to a 10% discount on all courses.

To book your appointment, you can call the central booking number on 264-0419. Alternatively, you can stop by Club Elite at the JW Marriott - 15th floor - for a consultation with our on-site therapist and plan your required sessions.

There will be only one Vacunaut machine (for now) at the club, so hurry and book soon!

How low can you go?

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse at our esteemed Parliament, or National Assembly, or whatever the hell it's called these days... we've hit an all-time low with one of our shadier MPs losing his temper and throwing a glass of water at another MP. Don't believe me? Take a look

Saturday, April 03, 2004

The Clown Wins!

As expected.. Arab audiences across the Middle East, in keeping with tradition, decided to vote for the clown over the truly talented contestant. In a dramatic, tension-filled final episode of the talent contest Star Academy Kuwait's Bashar Al-Shatti lost to Egypt's Mohamed Attiya.

Of course, Bashar never stood a chance of winning due to simple numbers: Kuwait's small population of voters vs. Egypt's endless millions. But if it was just that, we wouldn't really mind; Egyptians are just as entitled to blind nationalist favouritism as anyone else. But it's the rest of the Arab world - assuming they actually voted - who chose to play politics instead of picking a winner based on talent alone. I'm not one to believe in wild theories, and I accept the loss with an open mind, but a quick read through the silly text messages scrolling across the various music channels reveals an irrational hatred and gloating over Bashar's loss just because he's Kuwaiti.

We Kuwaitis may not be very popular among other Arabs for a variety of reasons, some of our own making, but this is ridiculous. And yet I'm sure we would be gloating if he had won. Still, most Kuwaitis are taking this loss very hard - its just the latest in a long string of losses. But to everyone, I say DO NOT DESPAIR. If everyone really hated Kuwaitis as much as you think, Bashar would NOT have made it all the way to the finals. There is no way that he got to the finals simply on Kuwait's votes.

Anyway, tonight Bashar will return to Kuwait triumphant. A new Kuwaiti star is born, with a promising musical career ahead of him. Mohamad Attiya will do a couple of silly video clips, and a really bad movie and then disappear into the seedy nightclubs of Cairo. Shame, because he seems to be a nice guy.