Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Carried Away?

OK folks, I think we got carried away with the last discussion to the point where we imagined goon squads showing up at Bloggers' doors and dragging them away in the middle of the night!

People, this is Kuwait.. not Iraq or Saudi Arabia, or even Syria or Egypt! Our constitution guarantees freedom of expression so long as we don't go near الذات الأميرية . If someone doesn't like what they read on the blogs - most of which is taken from the papers anyway - they can take us to court and will have to prove that what we say is not true. Alternatively, they can go elsewhere to less "offensive" sites.

And if it's the Islamists you're worried about, they can go to جهنم وبئس المصير!!


  1. Zaydoun, of course when you say الذات الأميرية, unfortunately these days that also includes other members of the royal family, as seen in this article -
    So, we're not really Syria or Iraq or Saudi, but some things make you wonder about the country's future. The prospect of someone with the visions and ideas of Sheikh Abdulla AlSalem (الله يرحمه) doesnt seem to be anywhere in the horizon unfortunately.

  2. Q. While Kuwait may never see visionaries like Abdullah Al-Salem (RIP) again, at the very least I found it reassuring that most senior members of the Al-Sabah family do not approve of the thug mentality that a few brothers are trying to impose on us. Last week's Al-Tale3a featured an article lifted from Sheikh Ali Jaber Al-Ali's website, in which he condemned this sort of behavior. This is because they all realize it will do THEM more harm than us, because it will in effect demolish the centuries of mutual respect that they have built with Kuwaiti society.

  3. I wish Kuwaiti blogs would be the start of a grassroots union of activists for positive change in our society.
    Although bloggers and comments can be a bit scathing and far reaching, I don't think we yet have the elements for a mass movement for change.

    Yes, we have more freedom of speech in Kuwait than in many neighbouring and Arab countries.

    I think the Kuwaiti blogger community is still relatively new and naturally there is a fear that "Someone" mean may decide to make it inaccessible.
    In truth, everyone can criticise and talk all they want; it doesn't matter. It only becomes dangerous when it becomes a movement.

  4. hmmm....Z, this is off topic, but with you being the grandaddy of kuwaiti bloggers as ive noticed, and me being an absolute novice, how do you add a link on a comment? can you add pictures and other things too?? Also, the font of all the comments on my blog is too big, how do i decrease that?

  5. Then let us tackle the "that amiriya" :D
    let us let us let us

    Just kidding guys, I'd rather talk about Edward Norton.

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  7. Q. To insert a link in your comments, you need some basic HTML tags. This resource is great for beginners.

    Reducing the font size in your comments requires you to play around with your template. It took me forever to fix mine!

    And no pictures on comments, which is just as well :-)

  8. muchas gracias amigo :-) I had no clue you could use HTML on comments!

  9. Zaydoun: if they do take us to court, due to the fact that the civil court system is soooo slow in Kuwait, its going to be a long time till they get there, not only that but the judge is going to laugh at their face. i mean, no one is forcing him to read this blog, or any other for that matter.


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