Saturday, November 27, 2004

21st Century Manners

I read this very entertaining article which takes a philosophical approach to modern manners, and I felt I have to share some of its advice regarding everything from mobile phone etiquette to travel rules to public displays of affection:
  • Never text anybody while in the middle of a conversation.
  • You should not accept or continue a phone call if a shop assistant is serving you.
  • You should always monitor your volume when chatting on your mobile.
  • Stop for pedestrians at pedestrian crossings.
  • Do not smooch in the company of others.
  • Always dump in person, not by text, fax or email.
  • If you go through a door first you should always hold it open for those who follow.
  • Offer your seat to the elderly, but don't assume they'll want it.
  • If invited to someone's house for dinner, don't be one of the "ungrateful fed".
  • Never tell somebody else's child off in front of them, or criticise adults for their poor parenting. Except when you should.
  • Wipe down gym equipment after use.
  • Remember that neither the cinema nor the theatre is your front room.
  • Don't punctuate your sentences with profanities in public.

And finally.... Don't write in and say these rules are stupid. They're not!!


  1. Not Stupid. Not stupid at all.

  2. What aggravates me the most is the holding door to others rule, I hate it when they get ungrateful and never offer a thank you or a smile at least.. and sometimes they keep me holding it while they storm in front of me.. like I?m a doorman.. LOLOL

    The other one is the wiping the sweat and returning the weights rule.. never been implemented in Kuwait.. unfortunately, I got so pissed of that no one does this and I do it all the time, that I said screw them, and stopped doing the rule.. mako a77ad yistahel doing that for.. wipe my sweat and return my weights your self, since that what I freakin? do.. !!

  3. These are really excellent rules and wouldn't it be wonderful if they taught them in the government schools here in Kuwait! Scrap the religion lessons and teach them something really useful!

  4. يجب ترجمة هذه النصائح إلى لغة القرأن الكريم حتى يتسنى لأكبر عدد ممكن من المسلمين البررة من أجل الإستفادة منها وحبذا لو كانت مشفوعة بنصوص من القرآن الكريم أو السنة النبوية الشريفة و سيرة السلف الصالح حتى يقتنع شقيقنا المسلم بأهميتها

    كما يمكن إضافة عدة نصائح للمسلم وهي

    لا تنخم بعد خروجك من المسجد

    لا تنس كبس زر السيفون بعد إستخدامك للمرحاض

    لا تنس أن تستحم قبل خروجك من المنزل

    لا تنس وضع الديودرينت قبل ذهابك إلى الدوام

    لا تكن كلب بن 16 عند عدم تقيدك بالخطوط الأرضية لمواقف السيارات و تستحوذ على موقفين لدابتك

    لا تنس أن ترمي قاذوراتك داخل القمامة بدلا من الشارع العام عند ذهابك إلى الواجهة البحرية

    لا تنس أن ترش السبراي على وجهك الكريم بدلا من تشويه الممتلكات العامة بتواقيعك

    لا تنس أن تخزن قلمك داخل مؤخرتك عند دخولك للحمامات العمومية حتى لا تشخبط داخل هذه الحمامات

    لا تقل لهما أف ولا تنهرهما

  5. TheDon... do these good things for yourself, not for others, and that way you will bask in the knowledge that you are a far superior human being than these ungrateful cretins!

    Anais... Manners should be taught at home by parents. If the parents themselves are ill-mannered then you can safely assume that the grandparents were just as bad, and that the whole family would be best avoided!

  6. أبو حفص

    فاقدك وناطرك... وما خيبت ظني أبداً

  7. Here are another few that pertain specifically to Kuwait:

    Be considerate when parking in public places, don't take up two places when your car would easily fit into one.

    Don't roll down your car window and empty the contents of your car onto the street.

    Give way when driving! It's not a sign of inferiority to let someone in!

  8. hey
    nice ones ,,, my first time here ,, u write well- hell i shouldnt say that,u probably a professional writer and already know that :)

  9. كما يوجد نصيحة خاصة للركع السجود

    إذا كنت محصورا و فيك بولة لا تنتظر المراحيض المخصصة للتغوط في الحمامات العمومية وتسبب إزدحاما داخل هذه الحمامات بل إعقلها و توكل و تبول على المبولة

  10. Yesterday, I took a walk in the area between the Scientific Center and Hard Rock Cafe (the tackiest eatery in Kuwait thus far). Some "Hailaq" (were u @ MadM?) decided that the parking lot was too far for their hefty "ardaf", so they parked their Pajero, or should I say Bajero, on the pavement where pedestrians are supposed to walk. From within their vehicle they took out a couple of rugs and a "jider" or two. They sat on the greenery and commenced to devour what's inside the "jider". If this is not a true definition of "hailag", I don't know what is.

  11. Anais.. Abu Hafs covered 2 of your suggestions in his earlier comment :-)

    Searchiin... I'm not a professional writer and those items were from an article that I linked to

  12. Jambino... it's a picnic ;-P

  13. Sorry about that but my arabic definitely has room for improvement!

  14. you forgot to add the following:
    1- say thank you
    2-wash you hands and wipe your butt after going to the bathroom

  15. I loved the article!
    and I'd like to add these points:
    - When waiting for the elevator to open , stay at least 1 meter away. DO NOT ATTACK when it opens!!
    -If you keep forwarding sms jokes to a friend and never get any forwards back .STOP IT!! he thinks your msgs r silly.
    - switch your mobile to silent mode or beep once in the following places:
    1. visiting a patient in a hospital
    2. visiting friends or relatives whoem you don't see often . Only answer when the call is Urgent! your office especially if you're working in an opened environment . IT'S ANNOYING !!

  16. You hit the spot.. that last one is my ultimate pet peeve!! At work we have a riot of different ring tones screaming at various times during the day. I'm the only one whose phone is set to a low ring tone that only I can hear when I'm at my desk. If I'm not there, it'll quietly register a missed call. It's really simple!!

    I try (and fail) to lead by example

  17. Zaydoun , some people are 7anna too !!
    when they call and no one answers they insist and keep calling . It ringssss and ringsss and ringssss .
    Baaaas!! I think 4 rings are enough. 3ayal shfaydat il CLI!

  18. "TheDon": my friend two wrongs don't make a right!

    How about:

    * Be a good citizen and perform your transactions WITHOUT wastah! (I know, fat chance in Q8)
    * Abide by traffic regulations (the speed limit is meant for a reason!)
    * Use your brain - don't expect others to plan your life / destiny for you!
    * Religion should comfort people, not make them live in terror!
    * Plan your life / friendships / career for a good legacy after you are history!

  19. I know LOLOL.. maybe I got carried away little here.. OK so I still do it, and thought to say that I don?t.. but nevertheless, I freakin? hate carrying to towels one to wipe the sweat of the person before me, and another one to put it on the equipment before I use it so my sweat won?t be there to begin with..

    As which Zaydoun, I?m leaving now for my Hypoxi treatment.. ;)

  20. Zaydoun, excellent blog. I was just reading your comments on the Hard Rock Cafe in Kuwait, and I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! The word tacky is way too mild for this kind of shit! What's so HARD ROCK about an old guy playing Barbie Girl and Mambo No. 5 on his saxophone everyday between 1.00pm and 4.00pm?? Is there a lack of decent Deejays in Kuwait, cause I know there are tons of good bands out there who'd fill that slot perfectly well. Do the Management really think we're stupid enough to listen to this shit they're shovelling out and say 'wow, that's rock?'. HARD ROCK CAFE, KUWAIT! YOU ARE A DISGRACE!!

  21. This website explains what I have always wondered about: Why the Kuwaitis are in so much trouble!

  22. If you think HRC in Kuwait is "tacky", you obviously have never been to a Hard Rock Cafe. They are the same, all over the world. Lousy food, lousy service, interesting environment.

    I would think Kuwaitis would be GRATEFUL for the upgrade in establishments. Nothing else here is even remotely as presentable.


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