Saturday, November 06, 2004


Oh Kanafani... How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
  1. Eating Kunafa is now made easier and more convenient by producing them in 3 different sizes, rather than a huge tray the size of a tennis court.
  2. I love the pizza-style boxes they come in, with the little syrup containers. Much better than those individually wrapped cardboard trays that leaked syrup all over the place.
  3. Different varieties to suit every taste.
  4. They deliver!

The next logical step is for Kanafani to set up a website, where hungry customers can place their order (type, size, quantity), enter their address and select what time they want them delivered, or alternatively what time they want to pick them up and from which branch, enter personal information (or even set up an account!) and.... voila! KUNAFA-ON-DEMAND!!

Yesterday I had the foresight to call an hour ahead and place my order to be ready at 4.30 pm. I arrived at the "Janoob Al-Surra" branch to find a madhouse of people screaming for their orders. Fortunately, mine was ready in time for me to be in and out of there in 2 minutes. I felt so sorry for the staff, they were overwhelmed.

One other thing I noticed outside, was the line of cars waiting since 4.30 pm for the McDonalds' drive-thru to open. I don't know about you, but the thought of breaking the fast with a Big Mac makes me ill. I wonder if Supersize Me will ever play here soon...


  1. هل بالإمكان معرفة النيوتريشن فاكتس لقطعة الكنافة ؟

  2. الكنافة ما فيها نيوتريشن فاليو غير لذة الجبنة السايحة والشيرة، بس على الأقل نحلّي فيها بعد الشوربة والهريس... مو نفطر على ماكدونادز

  3. kanafa= q8e version of chicken soup for the soul


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