Saturday, November 27, 2004

Playlist November 27 - December 3

  1. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - U2: Ignore the lame title. U2 are back and it's always a cause for celebration.
  2. عبد المجيد عبدالله - جلسات: I can't believe I found this on iTunes. The once great عبد المجيد in pure form... just his smooth voice, his عود and a rhythm section (إيقاع).
  3. The Weekend - Michael Gray: Another delirious dance track perfectly suited to your next party.
  4. Up & Down - Scent: An insanely catchy pop song, the kind that lodges itself into your head and refuses to leave.
  5. The Real Thing - Gwen Stefani: From the No Doubt lead singer's solo album, this song sounds a lot like early Madonna.. before she went all arty-farty on us.


  1. F**k Me Pumps - Amy Winehouse: Someone told me she sounds like F.R.I.E.N.D.S' Chandler's Whiny GF. I do not agree. Don't let that comment ruin the experience.
    Dedicated to a "dear friend" of mine.

    Zaydoun, could your lists get any better? :)

  2. She'll be on next week's playlist for sure!

  3. Zaydoun, I'm not a U2 fan, but did you see the new iPod commercials featuring the group? Way too COOL!

    (I'm skipping the black U2 iPod, my next one is the iPod_photo).

    PS: where in iTunes did you find Abdul Majid Abdullah? I just worked the different spellings and nothing came out!

  4. Anti_Reason.. look under World music and you'll find a subsection for Arabic. The selection is limited, but hey its a start!

  5. U2: they rock!! althoug its interesting how they decided that the number between 3 and 14 are useless :P

  6. Zaydoun,

    Attempted to locate A. Majeed manually as you suggested, and found him, but that was as far as I could go ? no albums, no songs. I?m on the US iTunes, so I switched to the UK store, and BOOM! There he was along all the Arabic artists.

    Maybe we need the assistance of the ever quick-witted Abu 7afs for my next question ? he once answered me regarding owning an iPod, but I?d like to know what is the shar3i view regarding purchasing online music?

    Another comment, when the Arabian iTunes store finally opens up in 2005 (Hijree calendar!), what will be available exclusively on that store? I?m keeping my fingers crossed for all those 3awadh Dookhi and 3ayshah el-Mar6ah classics ;-)

  7. Sorry I forgot to mention that I'm on iTunes UK. I assume they're more in tune with World music.

    An "iTunes Middle East" would not be a bad idea, assuming the whole download craze catches on. Most Arabs still get their music fix from cassettes, both original and fake... So maybe 2005 Hijri will indeed be the date we see it.

    In the meantime...

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