Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Blogger Weirdness

Very weird things happening on this blog, and it's apparently only with my PC's both at home and at work, plus my laptop. The few recent posts with Arabic titles show a blank white page when I click to see the comments. And yet, other bloggers don't seem to be facing the problem and have left comments. Are they using Macs?

Anyway.. I experimented with the post titles and changed them back to English. And now they work here.

Go figure...


  1. nope.. Pure ol' (Windows) PC.. and reading your blog right..

  2. لقد قلت لك منذ زمن أفلاطون أن بلوغك يظهر باللغة الهيروغليفية على أجهزة أل بي دي إيه وطلبت منك تغيير واجهة بلوغك . لكنك ضربت بشكواي عرض الحائط

  3. يا أبو حفص... والله ما ضربت بالشكوى عرض الحائط لكن لا أعرف ما هو الحل... المشكلة كانت في صفحة التعليقات

    وبعدين شنو اللي جابرك تتابع البلوج على ال بي دي ايه؟

  4. Hmm.. Abo Hafs+Zaydoun I got the hieroglyphs on the comments page as well.. But that seemed to go away when I right-clicked, pushed encoding to Arabic (ISO) and refreshed the page...


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