Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Business Of Blogging

Well it was only a matter of time before the business community turned its eye onto blogging as a source of revenue and as a viable advertising medium.
"Just a year ago, blogs were viewed as a collection of off-the-cuff ramblings in cyberspace read mainly by online devotees..... Now advertisers are realizing there is a market emerging in the 'blogosphere'."

I recently signed up for Google's ad sense program with the aim of putting up some ads on the blog and maybe earn a few bucks. But then I changed my mind because it would just add more clutter... God knows that Blogroll needs some serious editing!


  1. Zaydoun,

    Microsoft is even entering the blog world... spaces.msn.com. While we're on the subject, have you ever thought of turning this blog into an online portal?

  2. Guys -

    Check out keyhole... http://www.keyhole.com/

  3. zaydoun, marketers are opening their eyes to blogs, msn is entering the blogosphere (which is now nearly a real word!), and check out my latest post about the popularity of the word 'blog', which goes well with your post.

  4. www.maddox.xmission.com this guy is the most popular blogger, he actually created the blog or was one of the first that did it and now their are many cheap sites and people copying him he gets more traffic than pepsi and kfc and many other popular compnay sites. you gotta check it out.

  5. maybe i will try Google's ad sense
    i just checked the quick tour and its look good idea

  6. HWKW... A portal would be too time-consuming, and unless it makes me rich.. it could get me fired!

    But what would you recommend I put on it?

  7. Zaydoun,

    You could start by getting a domain and linking it to this blog. This site is pretty popular. I originally surfed this way because I'm badou-inc's friend and you commented on his blog, but a few weeks ago my Kuwaiti friend here in Philly sent me the link. I read your blog because sometimes I feel out of touch with what's going on back home and sometimes you have some commentary, plus the local papers websites (english ones like arab times and kuwait times) totally suck. I've been thinking for a while about the appeal of an online portal or magazine in Kuwait and I think it could really work but I don't have the passion to pursue it, so maybe you can do something. Keep it in mind!

  8. I think I'd rather be Kuwait's answer to Nick Denton, who runs the mini-empire of blogs like Gawker, Wonkette, and Defamer. He seems to be doing OK

  9. Zaydoun,
    For the past weeks I have been just surfing online; toying around with the idea of blogging... it was part of a class assignment in our grad class and as someone who is Arab herself, I seeked out blogs, mainly from kuwait to just kinda see what everyone is writing about... let me just say that you are one blog I think I will keep looking into.. you're interesting and trully give a worldly view to what the Arab world is.. to you a blog is not just a portal... Thank you for that and your idea about making it a marketing tool... that was our assignment, you gave me a lot to base my report on ;)

  10. HWKW... Nychick is bringing me some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. How about you get me a Philly cheesesteak sandwich from Jim's on South Street? Yum!

    Thanks for Keyhole, btw. I love it and it could come in handy at work!

  11. By the time you get your Philly cheesesteak sandwich, it would be already "transformed" to a "Pickled Sandwich". You should have asked for some olive oil gelato. It's the new flavor in Phily.

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