Monday, December 27, 2004

But I Like Eavesdropping!

Click here to print these cards and give them out wherever you see people hollering on their cell phones and disturbing the peace..


  1. Zaydoun
    I hope this is a joke. Who can do it in Kuwait? Inta nawe 3aleena? :) Allha la u6y7ek fe lsan wa7da mlsoona in Q8... or wa7ed bye3ha.

  2. حبييييييييييييييييييييييييييتها

  3. 3ajeeeeeba
    I don't know If u got the rest , I searched on yahoo and found 12 different ones

  4. Im printing it as i type! Finally a non -violent answer for those raving lunatics that scream from the top of their lungs, you'd think they were talking to Mars! cheers Z.

  5. Have you ever noticed if you get a call from overseas people voice pitch get higher from some reason?even though the other person could hear you perfectly fine!

  6. id like to see somthing for the mobile rings

    Dear mobile user,
    we know you have the lateset song as a ring for your mobile

    p.s:NO ONE CARES!

  7. Bora... did you click on the picture?

    Jelly.. this habit of raising the volume for overseas calls is an old one from the days where you really did have to shout to be heard. My mother still does it!

  8. Zaydoun: yeah both my parents still do that...hahahahhaa...o almishkila they call me early in the morning screaming on the matter how many times I tell them I hear them fine mako fayda :)

  9. Zaydoun
    How perfect, if only to get the message across.

  10. زيدون راجع هذا له علاقة بببوست سابق انت طرحته عن منع المدونات البلوغرز
    Dear Freinds,
    dispite that my site is blooked now in U.A.E. I still managed to post this. When they will learn that it does not pay to control our thinking.

    B. Regards,

  11. يبدو أن موقعه ممنوع من قبل سلطات الامارات لكنهم لم يمنعوا موقع
    العام الذي يستطيع من خلاله نشر مواضيعه، فنرى موقعه من هنا وهو لا يراه هناك

  12. i would like to give out some of those at the movies... i dont know how people can talk through a movie... yet alone how do they get any signal in there? oh... and what on earth am i doing at the movies?


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