Saturday, February 19, 2005

Abu Hafs Censored!

I tried to access Abu Hafs's blog just now at work and it is blocked by our ISP. I guess someone finally snapped and said "OK, that's enough!" ;-)

I wonder if other ISPs have blocked him as well. Meanwhile, other sites like this one are still accessible.

I wonder who'll be next.... so much for Blogger Power :@


  1. You can always e-mail your ISP and tell them there has been an error blocking that site :P

  2. I guess he can still post as they need to block to prevent him from posting...

  3. عاش بوحفص أول شهيد في النضال البلوقي

    تحية أبطال

    زيدون خبرنا إذا أي موقع آخر تم حجبه اذا سمحت

  4. Jewaira... but is it really an error? (stroking my chin, raising an eyebrow)

  5. Abu Hafs?
    Who's Abu Hafs? I don't know him.. never visited his blog.. I swear!

    The big giver upper I am, I'll stay away from politics, religion, poetry, civil rights, Al3arabi o AlQadsiya.. or anything remotely controversial..
    So should everyone.

  6. Strange, I can access it and I am using Qualitynet.

  7. working fine here.. our office is using KEMS here

    they suck by the way !!

  8. Its working fine,
    im using qualitynet

  9. It's working at home... anyway I sent a complaint already

    I thought Abu Hafs himself would comment here!

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