Thursday, February 03, 2005

Playlist February 3-9

This week sees the debut of a new feature in addition to my usual playlist. Starting today, I will give a monthly "dishonorable mention" to songs that are so bad, they require a general warning.
  1. Thirteen Senses - The Invitation: I previewed their non-album song "Perfect" late last year. Now the album is out and it's a beautifully crafted collection made for all you Coldplay/Radiohead fans out there (you know who you are!)
  2. Embrace - Out of Nothing: Big, stadium-filling anthems.. done with real sincerity.
  3. John Legend - Get Lifted: Hailed as the new saviour of R&B, and backed by Kanye West.. this guy is pure class.
  4. Stereophonics - Dakota: Their new single. Surprisingly good!
  5. Oasis - Definitely Maybe: A mid-90's classic. Along with "What's the story..." Oasis grabbed me by the collar and wouldn't let go until it all went horribly wrong with their subsequent albums.

And this month's Dishonorable Mention goes to Jennifer Lopez and her new single "Get Right". Have you ever lived near a fire station? Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam with an ambulance trying to get through right behind you? That's what this piece of crap sounds like!


  1. John Legend. I agree with you on that man. If you like R&B, also check out Van Hunt. Speaking of music, I came across this website about a new Kuwaiti band. I wonder what you think about it. I remember a while back you devised a word called chicken nugget, Arabs who act white, I wonder what you think when you check this out man. You could probably start a new topic off of this:

  2. I never devised the term Chicken Nuggets.. in fact, I did a whole post asking what it means and where the expression came from

    I have heard Van Hunt. I downloaded a song of his called "Seconds of Pleasure" which I liked.

  3. زيدون
    بعيد عن الموضوع مقال ابتهال الاحمد" تشخلعنا" في الراي العام الجمعة يستحق الاشارة له

  4. Worst song ever: Jennifer Lopez's "Get Right," which was originally recorded by Usher as "Ride" but J.Lo stole it, just like she stole the Mariah sample and the idea behind her remix for "I'm Real." Now id you change the lyrics and the beat of a song, isn't that a whole new song not a remix? Listen to Mariah's "If We," you'll know what I mean.

    Also What's The Story (Morning Glory) and Definitely Maybe are both grand albums. What happened to them and Blur?

    Meanwhile Z, I suggest you download "It's Like That" by Mariah. Its Stellar!

    ps, I know who started the term Chicken Nuggets and its not you.

  5. This would mark my first Z comment. I love you. Im your biggest fan. Im sure all of that rings a bell on who it is I might be.Well guyz 1814, I would love to further the quest about the origin of the term chicken nugget. Would anyone please tell me why I was called a chicken nugget? I had no clue it was a semi famous phrase...Im a chicken nugget according to a conversation I had with someone like 3 months ago...I hope I was'nt the inspiration behind that...
    And J.LO crap on ice-cream excuse my french.

  6. 1814.. I hate to break this to you, but I'm not really a fan of Mariah Carey. Sure she has a great voice but her choice of material has been disappointing, though I did like her cover of that Def Leppard song.

    Mariah and Def Leppard in the same sentence... the apocalypse is upon us!!

    Bayzma.. welcome aboard babe! I hope to see you here on a regular basis, with nothing less than your usual snappy comebacks ;-)

  7. Oasis should have called it a day after their first couple records!

  8. Thirteen Senses & John Legend sound interesting and I added them to the ?next to get? list of my shopping spree, thanx for the tip


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