Monday, February 14, 2005

Still single? On Valentine's Day?

If anything sums up the sharp contrast between the smugness of people celebrating Valentine's Day and the bitterness of those who are not (I'm personally indifferent to be honest)... it's this hilarious dialogue based on a fictional character called "The Underminer, the subtle slayer of your hopes, the tactful destroyer of your dreams".

Nothing like good old passive-aggressive behavior to burst that smug bubble, eh?



  1. Zaydoun
    If you are indifferent why does it feel so good to "burst that smug bubble" then? ;)
    t3al, into fel dawam tshtgoln? wala elyom ejaza 7ag el Valentine?

  2. O.K. I meant 2 posts about Valentine's day during work hours...nice ;P

  3. Actually you're right... dialogue is totally smug and passive aggressive

    But funny, no? And it takes place at Union Square!!

  4. It is funny and yes Union Square!
    Zaydoun, I think you should move least for a year.

  5. Thats super FUNNY Zaydoun.
    The part:
    "It's unfair for someone so nice and standard as you. With your new hairdo." <--me on Valentines day.
    I honestly feel like he could be talking to me-creepy!.

  6. Nychick... where do I send my resume?! I'm serious!!

  7. I'm dead serious too, what's the next step?

  8. زيدون..
    صراحه انا استغرب لما اسمع ان فى أحد سنجل هاالايام...

    يعنى كل هالبنات الحلوين..و الشخصيات الحلوه
    in real life i mean
    معقوله ما فى احد عجبك؟

  9. والله يا بو مريم ما لي نصيب... ما يبوني

    nychick.. I'm going to send my resume to your email when I get home

  10. O.K. dear I will wait for it.

  11. Bo maryoum
    it took me 2 minutes to understand سنجل

  12. hahahahahah "سنجل" hahahaha.. I just got it too..

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