Monday, July 11, 2005

Back In Business

It seems the blog was just settling into its new home, which is why we all got the strange fonts and had our PC's crash.

Now that it's running smoothly.. I need to write something, but I can't think of anything!!!!!


  1. It will all come to u:) Based on your blog, you bring alot of good topics to the the table. Congrats on your new home.

  2. Soo, shloonik ba3ad? (increasing number of comments)


  3. Z, A little decorative suggestion.. add a dash to your subject on your blog title.. make it look like your new URL address.. it?ll make the new address settle more in to readers.. (Marketing theory) :PP

  4. Hi Z,

    I do think that you have ask a question to all the readers of your Blog as to where are the best desitinations and the coolest places to go this summer wether its in Kuwait or abroad.Also,some tips on restaurants,hotels,shopping etc..!!! I'm simply curious to learn more about how avant-garde your blog readers are!!

  5. little housewarming gift


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