Saturday, July 09, 2005

Kuwait at Live 8

See that Kuwaiti flag on the left? It was flying during Madonna's performance of Ray of Light at last weekend's Live 8 concert, courtesy of my sister and her friends!!

Meanwhile, London's jubilant mood after Live 8 and the 2012 Olympics announcent came to a shatttering halt Thursday morning.

There is a special corner in HELL reserved for the terrorists who were responsible for the bombings!


  1. NICE

    Mr. Z, the Arabic fonts don't show correctly on the site

  2. I am getting alot of strange fonts as well

    Good for Q8eez who showed up at Live8.

    But you're right it is very sad now in London. Utterly senseless

  3. Well done Zaydon Sis :)
    I?m getting squares, lozenges, circles & question marks instead of Arabic fonts

  4. So touched to see the flag of Kuwait.It's a feeling that all Kuwaitis cannot help.Even sometimes when you see a Kuwait Airways plane in any airport,you feel the same,despite all the criticism we have against it.May Allah bless this country and its people,sans their tongues!!!

  5. msabah

    I remember the days when seeing Kuwait Airways at a foreign airport would make me smile with pride. Now I bury my head in shame!

    And remember, the "tongues" only want what is best for our country ;-)

  6. Zee,

    The spirit of swinging London is way too indefatigable for a bunch of sad people to challenge it in a fit of rage!


  7. I definately support the constructive tongues but NOT the distructive ones...!!

  8. Zaydoun

    You got to be kidding me..! Is this picture real? I was watching the Live8 concert in TV and i havnt seen the flag at all!! Althout its really good thing for kuwait! From where did u get this picture?

  9. bosh.. several people saw the flag on TV. My sister sent me the picture

  10. Thats Cool..The revlotion is comming soon in Q8..well i hope so :)

  11. THAT IS SO COOL! Though i'm SO not the type who would get excited about seeing Kuwait Airways or the Kuwaiti flag anywhere.. actually I used to get depressed back when I used to walk into the KU gate at JFK and see my wonderfull fellow khamma around. But anyways, IT WAS SO COOL watching the flag waving around amidst the partying crowd!
    As for the London bombing, labeled by American media as 7/7 (July 7 2005), I can't come up with anything better than what Zaydoun has already said "there is a specail corner in HELL reserved for the terrorists who were responsible for the bombing!" and completely agree with Rev. Os. that "LONDON WILL BOUNCE BACK IN NO TIME!" AMEEEEEEEEEEN.


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