Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Place: Marina Mall - Diesel store
Time: A few days ago

The PA system inside the store is playing the old "Fame" tune from the Fame movie soundtrack. Two teenage girls were discussing the song:

متى سووا هذه الاغنية بالانجليزي؟
أي اغنية؟
سمعيها... هذه مالت ستار اكاديمي، متى غنوها بالانجليزي؟

I wanted to strangle them!


  1. Aside from their non-exposure to Fame, i think your incident also signals that we are getting old my friend.

  2. That goes without saying, my friend :-(

  3. LOL. How typical of the new generation.

    That (getting old) we are! LOL. I fear we are slowly becoming our parents.

  4. خيااااااانه آه ياقلبي

    How could you go to diesel ... you should just buy my t-shirts, yeah, replicas of what you already bought.


    but yeah, I agree with you

    It's really embarassing that I belong to that musically ignorant generation.

  5. Tata.. I think it may have been a cover version of "Fame", not the original.. But still.. not knowing it is one thing, perfectly acceptable.. but to think it's a Star Academy original creation?! Sacrilege!

    And they do sell stuff besides t-shirts.. yours are cooler than anything there!

  6. إنتو كيفكم ... أما آنا

    still green all the way ... with nina simon & billie holiday :)

  7. الاخ زيدون
    انا يحوشني نفس احساسك لما اتكم عن الافلام الكلاسيكيه الي يعاد تصويرها او اقتباسها. مره كنت اتكلم مع ناس عن فيلم:Diabolique
    ولا قوم وعلاولك يطمر واحد بيصير شاطر ويقول الدور ماكان مناسب على شارون ستون. لما شرحت لهم ان الفيلم الي اقصده هو فيلم فرنسي من انتاج منتصف الخمسينات وهم شافوا النسخه المقتبسه الي تم انتاجها بالتسعينات، يردون علي انه الفيلم الاصلي اكيد مومعروف لانه راح يحتاج ترجمه او دبلجه وبالتالي اهو موشي و النسخه االجديده لازم احسن لانه تم تصويرها بالالوان وبممثلين معروفين!!! ماحبيت ارد عليهم انه هناك نسخ ثانيه مقتبسه من الفيلم الاصلي اهم اكيد ماراح يفكرون يشوفونها؟!

    ولا الي يقولك عادل امام اقتبس "شمس الزناتي" من فيلم
    : The Magnificent Seven
    تعال وشوف شلون طقته البوهه لما عرف انه الفيلم الامريكي مقتبس عن فيلم اكيرا كوروساوا
    : The Seven Samurai

    وغيرهم وغيرهم وايد

  8. OK did you go to them and give them a history lesson or was this thought stuck in your head all night?

  9. Purg... I just steamed in silence

  10. zaydoun enta chethe ebtet3ab.....6awwef

  11. Guys.. It's not that they didn't recognize a "classic" which "Fame" certainly isn't (never liked it much).. Just that they thought it was a Star Academy exclusive creation.

    To be honest.. I thought it was funny at first

  12. C'mon Zaydoun how would they have known.
    There is definately a major age gap between us and them. Ba3dain its not new that our Arabic programs steel music, ideas and titles from foreign productions. Mayat 3ala Fame.
    Mashift Pretty Women the Arabic version (OH MY GOD NO COMMENT!!)

  13. Mr. Z

    بصراحة آنه مو من المتابعين للستار أكاديمي بس في مرة سمعت التون وقلت للربع يا جماعة هذي نغمة أغنية فيم

    الشرههة عليتا بالله من وين هالجيل بيعرف الثقافة ولا يطلع على ثقافات الآخرين وكل شي بهالبلد ممنوع

  14. شنو يعني ستار أكاديمي؟

    J/K lol

  15. how about playlists for newbies (muleed 1980+)?

  16. Has nothing to do with age gap..just lack of cultural exposure

  17. Like zort said, I don't think its the age factor. I know people who havent even heard of the Wizard of Oz. Now to me, that's like they haven't experienced childhood!


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