Thursday, July 28, 2005

Playlist July 28 - Aug 3

Only 2 interesting new songs this week, the rest is a random mix of old stuff with nothing in common.

  1. Gwen Stefani - Cool: We've all been there.. Your ex shows up with the new person in his/her life and you grit your teeth, smile and tell them you're "so happy for them". With a video shot on Lake Como, what's not to like?
  2. Kubb - Alcatraz: British newcomers with a soft, gentle beautiful song.... about the world's most famous prison?!
  3. The Stone Roses - I Am The Resurrection: Part sing-along anthem, part trippy guitar workout. An all-time favorite.
  4. Tears for Fears - Badman's Song: A dramatic song complete with soulful gospel touches.
  5. سلملي عليه - فيروز: Not a fan of Ziad Rahbani's recent output for his mom, but this one is an exception... آآآخر سلطنة

And this week's classic rock pick is David Bowie's Sound & Vision, an uncharacteristically bright and bouncy hit.


  1. zaydoun,
    how come

    are all different

  2. because is reserved but not used for anything.. zaydoun.blogspot is discontinued.. and is the current blog (i.e. where it's at)

  3. آآآآآآآآه
    سلملي عليه

    حين يتحول الإيجاز إلى إعجاز

  4. Oops.. I just discovered I had already listed Bowie's Sound & Vision a few months ago

  5. I think you would also like James Blunt's Your Beatiful and Tracy Chapman's Change

  6. Wow, Tears For Fears' Badman's Song.. After more than 15 years of loving this masterpiece I've finally found another person who knows the song!

    You truly are da man.


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