Saturday, October 29, 2005

Compare and Contrast

I could write a whole new post comparing Prince William's preparations to become FA President next May with our ...... never mind!


  1. Well... a picture is worth a thousand words, don't you agree?

  2. أحمد الفهد يعرف يجول

    شفت جوله على فريق النواب بالمباراة الرمضانية

    كانت تسديدة محكمة من فاول خارج منطقة الجزاء بالزاوية الضيقة و على يسار حارس المرمى

    الحيطة كانت مكونة من المليفى و الصقر و قد تحرك المليفى عند التسديد

    هزيمة الفريق الحكومى فى المباراة تعود لعدم مشاركة النجم الموهوب شرار
    و لا يخفى عليكم أهمية شرار فى (تقشير) الكرات و بالرفعات المحكمة ...و التى يقارنها البعض بكرات ديفد بيكهام

  3. Not really! So you're implying our guys can't kick balls with the best of 'em? You should have seen ilYousif back in the day with Jarzinho, Tostao and the bunch.
    Besides, this Prince heading the FA is just a PR stunt, nothing more nothing less. He won't be able to make any decisions, except whether he wants tea or coffee. However, the pun is appreciated! Peace

  4. loooooool good one!

    Q8yshareef-even if prince william heading the FA is a publicity stunt, then what a publicity stunt it is..

    1) The English are eager to see what the outcomes will be.

    2) Supporters of the game appreciate the buzz Prince williams affiliation has created.

    3) Clean cut, athletic physique, royalty, young, and training 7ala 7alhom. kfaya ibsara7a.

    No underestimation just a comparison of approach. :)

  5. hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhaa!

    والله طلعنا قدوة لمعازيبنا

    قمنا نصدر مقاييس تعيين و فن الإدارة!!

    تحيا العولمة!

    بس ما راح يتكتك ويليام نفسنا

  6. Zaydoun... he still is a royal using his family name to gain status in athletics.

    Ya3ni e7na wa alengeleez wa7ed LOL

  7. ضيّق خلقي حبيبي وليام , جنّه بادي يصلّع:(

  8. It may be a publicity stunt, but don't forget he's second in line for the throne and therefore has nothing to prove and no power base to build, unlike our gang

  9. He's supposedly a good rugby player, football isnt really his game!

  10. Re. The Prince's Balding Head

    I guess Diana's genes could not completely overcome Charles'

  11. Yeah, sheba. I don't think that joke quite did it. Some high school biology might have perhaps, made you think twice before posting that :)

  12. Speaking of pictures...forgive this posting for being rather off-topic but I'm new to the blogger world and not sure where to post this query to get a good response.

    I'm working with a magazine that will be distributed in Kuwait, but I'm curious to know what the limitations on photos are. How much of the female body is allowed to be shown without censorship? For instance..strapless dresses, minor cleavage, short skirts...are these ok? I know that major cleavage, swimsuits, nudity, etc are not allowed.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  13. Alef.. it's amazing what you can get away with when nobody's looking. Equally amazing is what you can get away with depending on who owns your magazine

    Anyway.. you can get away with strapless dresses, minor cleavage and short skirts. If anyone objects tell them to shut the f--k up and then send them to the nearest shopping mall where said items are on display

  14. Sheba..but hes still adorable.. tkfain jebeeli wa7d khdooda 7umr mn illi 3ndna.. 7etta lo gba9teehom shway o btg63een ghzeezat-hom.. maaaaash

    weh.. insaddat nafsi!

  15. ya jema3a yemken la2na hal mara prince william sar fe da3aya tara il ra2es illy gabla kan prince Edward 3am william!! shino il yedeed bil mawthoo3 ? kan 3ind il 3am sar 3ind wild okhoh, nafs il shay !


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