Thursday, October 06, 2005

Playlist October 6-12

If Rai TV can show a sexpot Haifa Wehbe impersonator on Gerge3an - talk about stretching a thin joke way beyond its 15-second limit- then damn it, the playlist will continue during Ramadan on schedule.. As if I had any intention of stopping it!
  1. Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle: A beautiful, uplifting instrumental that is destined to become a modern classic. A true masterpiece!
  2. مشيت خلاص - وائل جسار : As recommended by friends. No comment!
  3. Missy Elliot - Teary Eyed: Normally tough as nails, this song shows her heretofore unknown softer side. And she can sing.. Who knew?!
  4. Sheryl Crow - Lifetimes: The only track I like from her new album, deceptively simple with a great chorus and production. I hope it's her next single.
  5. LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations: So 80's. So cool!

Just to remind y'all that Sheryl Crow can do a lot better, my classic pick for this week is one of her best. "My Favorite Mistake"


  1. أفااا...ماكو موشحات دينية

  2. بو جيج اليوم سمعت شادية تغني (أو تدعي) على دبي.. خوش دعاء.. عجبني مع اني من الفرقة الضالة

    اللي خرّب على شادية صورة شهيرة

  3. bo jaij

    Back in school, remember the black & white nasheed they used to put on TV every Friday that listed أسماء الله الحسنى? I used to love it so much, and would sing along to it until one day at school the teacher told me I shouldn't be "enjoying" it. He said
    لازم يكون عندك خشوع مو تطرب عليها كأنها أغنية

    I told him "I can enjoy it at home and you can't do anything to stop me!"

  4. hahahaha zaydoun thats classic. btw have you guys seen the ipod nano it is an amazing piece of hardware... i mean i saw the ads but once you actually hold it in your hand... wow.

  5. hwkw... I saw on BBC last week that there are many problems and bugs with the iPod Nano. But it does look cool!

  6. that is not classic, that is still recent.

  7. Classic does not mean old


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