Monday, October 24, 2005


How incredible is the weather this week so far?!

I woke up today to a clear blue sky and a beautiful breeze, the only thing missing was the sound of birds singing... well, maybe they were singing their little lungs out but were drowned out by traffic noise.

Driving to work - sun roof open - the view of the blue sky was spoiled by a trailing cloud of black smoke coming from the north, probably from Sabbiya, and it got me thinking about air pollution.

How clean is our air? I looked for an air quality index but couldn't find anything. That cloud of smoke was at least visible, but what about supposedly clear blue days? Are they really as clear as we think? How bad is our air pollution index?


  1. Zaydoun, I tried to avoid thinking of that creeping dark cloud on the drive to work..i kept saying 'look at the blue, look at the blue' but there it was snaking around over the city..i was too depressed to take a picture of it..
    There is an air monitoring system in kwt and you can check it online, but I have no idea how I found it the last time I saw it..

  2. it is bad, no need for any studies to prove so, and will get worst.

    Just smell the air in a nice European villags, full of diesel cars and smell it here. There is a different smell and feel of the air.

  3. And I suggerst Marvin Gaye's Mercy Mercy Me as background music to this post

  4. as they say, "3omrek a6wal min 3omri".
    I was driving Around Mina Abdullah this morning when I noticed this black cloud! It is very sad, I wanted to take some pictures but didn't have my camera handy on me. Talk about polution, drive on the 7th ring road towards jahra and take a look at the waste disposal sites. I've taken some pictures there and shall write a post about it.

    EPA is trying very hard but it seems it is only on paper!

  5. Thanks Zaydoun for bringing the pollution subject to attention.

    I posted an entry related to yours:
    Pollution 2

  6. And what to say of noise pollution and the pollution of minds!
    I give up.


Keep it clean, people!