Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Good Morning Miami

I am in Miami today as a guest of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students - US Chapter. It's their annual conference this week and they have been kind enough to invite me to talk about... blogging! I still can't believe they found me interesting enough to invite. I'll be posting from the conference, and let's just hope I don't screw up my speech/presentation/whatever..

The flight from Kuwait to Miami (via London) was more boring than tiring, and when we got to Miami I was taken in along with a few other Kuwaiti travelers into the immigration "holding pen". I didn't understand why, since I've been going to the US every year and at JFK I sail through immigration as fast as I do at Kuwait Airport. They have my fingerprints on file since 2003, and I kept telling the officer about it but it was like talking to a brick wall.

With this so-called "special relationship" between Kuwait and the USA, you'd think all this nonsense at the airports would decrease. But apparently not, and I hear that Miami airport is staffed by morons anyway. And then of course I remember all the hell that we used to put people through at Kuwait Airport, so I guess it's karmic payback time!

Watch this space for updates from the conference.


  1. I think repenting would be an interesting topic.

  2. Ow i was wondering shnow el mawthoa3 elly u are gonna talk a about lol..

  3. bloboz, ask him tough questions.

  4. I think only major airports are the one you wouldn't have much trouble in (JFK, O'Hare). The others simply don't have as good experience in dealing with immigration matters. I see that in our city's airport, they give me hell everytime i arrive here.

  5. hah JFK , last time i went to the USA JFK airport immigration nearly made me miss my connection flight to london , and the officer told me why i wasn't there 4 hours before my flight ( while i was setting at the door for over 2 hours )

  6. You are the godfather of Q8i bloggers, if they did not invite you, whom should they invite? good luck and enjoy.

  7. Purgatory72, Sure i will lol :D Zaydoun all the best ;)

  8. They couldn't have picked a better representer for the Kuwaiti blogging community.
    Go Zaydoun :)

    ترد لنا بالسلامة

  9. Mr Zaidoon Basha, I think if you ever succeed to stop bitching and to stop begging for sympathy, your blog will decrease by 50. I do't know why those kids did't invite me, for I increase my post 50 by attacking meaninglessly.Injoy your rising star while it last.

  10. dammit!

    i didnt go this year :( it would have been fun to see you there..

    oh well.. i hope you have a great time :D

  11. Thanks all

    Arabiazoom... ma fahamt

  12. Zaydoun
    Arabiazoom's comment is a typical Kuwaiti greeting. He/she is simply saying that u don't deserve it. How nice of him to create a new nickname to spread the hate.

    بذمتك زيدون مو الجهل نعمة؟ احسن للانسان مرات انه ما يفهم

    As for fingerprinting you; It happens here in JFK's too if u leave the country. It doesn't matter that they have yr fingerprints and pic on file. This is the new regulation. I think It started back in 2003

    All the best in Miami

  13. Good luck mate and have a safe trip - oh yeah, and stay off areas where Germans hang around :o)

  14. Again I will post my comment here, Dear Big Z,,, and finally el page mo busy... :D

    I've tried to comment on the last post of yours, but luckily I could not!! el page busy, my point bas believe IT or NoT, guys and girls are so deadly eager to see you! I'm not exaggerating here, bas check out this link, Oo skip some comments, you won't accept some blah blah blah!! if you know what I mean;

    Wish I was there :( aby Miami..

    Good Luck
    Have Fun
    & Stay Safe...


  15. Zaydoun! I saw you today in the opening ceremony and conference room (before the Nadwa).. (I am helping organize the Crown Kuwait live conference).

    Bloggers, You can watch Zaydoun's talk/speech/thing either by going to the hotel (Crown Plaza | Kuwait) on Saturday @ 5.15am - 6.15am. We should be replaying the show sometime that evening. There is also a Mobile video feed to MTC subscribers with GPRS.

  16. 3ash Zaydoun Mara thania ..

  17. hehe allah wanasah , thats so cool
    good luck zaydoun .

  18. troo7 o tred bel slaam ya 7lo... o goood luck:)

    about the airport i think its totally depends on the immegration officer mood.

    i was in NY on sept 11th i traveled several times through JFK o Lguardia and i didnt face any of this bullshit

    its about luck and mood:)

    goood luck again and take care

  19. zaydoun , dont forget to pass by NY , i believe you miss that place enough , maybe its time to get rid of that nostalgia

  20. MC... I will be going to New York for a couple of nights after the conference..

    ما يصير أوصل أمريكا بدون ما أمر على الحبيبة نيويورك، أخاف تزعل مني


  21. Zaydoun, tistaaaaahil walla o they couldnt have picked a better person to talk about blogging than u!

    Blogging is popular in Kuwait simply because of ur blog and nibaq's online community effort in creating!

    Troo7 o tirja3 bilsalaaama inshalla o we want all details from the trip and the conference plz! :)

  22. Zaydoun,
    We have the DVD recorder ready for your lecture on 'Life as a Kuwaiti blogger'. Best of luck .. I am going to try to catch it if I wake up early enough.

  23. Best of luck Zaydoun and we are proud of you :)

  24. Zed,

    Well, what can I add ? You've said it all, and so well too!

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