Thursday, November 10, 2005

Playlist - Phil Collins Edition

I have a feeling I'm going to get hell for this week's playlist...

On the occasion of Phil Collins' concert tonight in Dubai, I feel it's time to reappraise his long, successful career. For quite some time old Phil has been seen as a tragically uncool performer, and it's mostly been his own fault for releasing way too many dodgy over-produced ballads, pointless duets and gimmicky songs with overdone videos, both solo and with Genesis. And his decidedly non-rock star looks (see above, he looks like an accountant!!) certainly haven't helped matters ... However, looking back to earlier days you will find some classic gems in the midst of all the crap that still sound good today, and here are my favorites.... besides the obvious monster hit:
  1. I Don't Care Anymore
  2. Inside Out
  3. Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
  4. If Leaving Me is Easy
  5. It Don't Matter To Me

Don't worry.. I'll have some hip new releases next week!


  1. Good choice....but only dinosaurs would know him I guess. My favorite song of his would be .... without doubt.... "Against all odds" :)

  2. zaydoun, what the hell man. this post is such a cop-out! we should do kenny g next week

  3. For me this is the best playlist ever, I have so many favorites besides yours ... here are some: long long way to go, do you remember, can't stop loving you, against all odds and separate lives.

  4. Oh my God.. what have I done??!!

    Separate Lives (yuck!) makes me throw up every time I hear it. Sorry folks

    HWKW... back with cutting edge stuff next week

  5. shno?? sopranos gam yghanee???

  6. Zed:

    You certainly have a highly evolved and might I add, an eclectic taste in music, food and wine.

    My all time favourite of Phils' has got to be ' A Groovy Kind of Love'. Fashionable, it may no longer be but they don't make 'em like Phil anymore(oddly enough, he don't seem to make 'em like he used to, either) :)

    More than an accountant, the picture you have posted of him, (and with due respect to Mr Collins ) makes him look more like a London cabbie or a bouncer than anyone else.
    La Bella Isabella
    I didn't see you at the concert in Dubai yesterday.Busy making arrangements for the 'Janet Jackson - Live in Kuwait', are we?

    If it ain't a sold out performance already, me and a bunch of lads from the neighboring Kingdom of Near - Hell should very much like making this trip to Kuwait.

  7. The one I remember the most by Phil Collins is Just Another Day in Paradise. Used to like it alot as a kid, and I used to like Genesis overall.....still love I can't dance! Actually I think ill download that one now!

  8. just like Q all I remember from phill collins is Just Another Day In paradise, didn't like when Brandy and what's his name redid it, botherd me a little =/

  9. Isabella.. yeah right. Imagine Janet Jackson here!

    And "Groovy" is an awful song too!

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  11. (kila ma6goog.... fa6astneeee min althi7ik LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL)

    To be honest, Zaydoun... I like this playlist more than the cutting edge stuff. You should have also added "The Land of Confusion"... to bring back memories of Music Box in KTV2 back in the 80s.

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