Monday, December 05, 2005

Getting It Right

Oh to be a fly on the wall at this event, and maybe land in the soup of all these illustrious guests... although I do question its real impact on the region.

They even have something called a Blogging Clinic which could've been fun to attend or even speak at, now that I've caught the lecture bug (kidding!)

بس كأني مصختها بالسفر والمحاضرات



  1. The audacity of them! How dare they forget to invite the man who seems to rank number 1 on Kuwait's blogspots? That's it! I'm boycotting them. Damn fascists.

  2. zinzin... thanks, bas ana wain w hathol wain?

    nano... I was kidding.. but it would've been nice to meet all these people, especially the lovely Giselle Khoury

  3. too bad the speakers' list ended up being a mish-mash of people with great minds and others with great sponsorship budgets

  4. moryarti... your words can almost describe Dubai itself, no?


  5. I have more descriptive perceptions of some people in DXB that i will keep to myself

    خليها مستورة


  6. " ... which could've been fun to attend or even speak at ... "

    Only you could say that :p

  7. I've just come back this afternoon from there where I was a delegate and one of the hosts of the blogging clinic, the other host was Eric Case of Blogger.

    You're right in your assumption that it was filled with interesting and worthy people, two I particularly enjoyed listening to are Dr. Saad Al-Ajmi and Hussain Kamashki (not sure how you spell his last name, but he is a journalist and businessman, I'll look in my notes tomorrow.)

    I'll write something about it and post it in the next couple of days.

    We should actually organise a Gulf or Middle East-wide bloggers' conference like this one. The exchange of ideas as demonstrated by the AWM was invaluable.

  8. sorry, that was Hussain Shobokshi that I meant.

  9. Hi Mahmood .. i second your idea on having a regional blogger conference -

    Tell me please .. did u meet up with any UAE based bloggers at the conference?

    The way i see it (i could be wrong), the bloggerscene in the UAE is not as active as it is in Kuwait or Bahrain ... i also feel a huge gap between emarati bloggers and the expat ones .. i don't know if thats the case everywhere else.

  10. moryarti... Mahmood's blog has a post about differences between GCC bloggers, both local and expat.. It's accurate and hilarious at the same time, and guess who got tagged as the sarcastic wise-asses of the Gulf?

  11. lol - i just finished it..

    its spot on..!

    oh .. and mabrouk you guys on the sarcastic award -

    UAE got the whining, b!tching and winging bloggers of the GCC award - :)


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