Thursday, December 01, 2005

Playlist - December 1 - 7

You'd think I would come back from Miami loaded with new music, but ever since I got hooked on legal downloading I just can't bring myself to buy CD's. I didn't even set foot in a music store!
  1. KT Tunstall - Under The Weather: The new single, and I must say I prefer her mellower side.
  2. Destiny's Child & Slim Thug - Check On It: I don't know what it is about this song, but I'm hooked. Didn't they break up already?
  3. Blackbud - Heartbeat: The spirit of the late great Jeff Buckley lives on with this new band.
  4. Jont - Sweetheart: Did you see The Wedding Crashers? This is the great song that accompanied the end credits and didn't make it onto the soundtrack CD.
  5. Tom Novy - Your Body: A mindless dance track that I heard pumping from a car on Ocean Drive. Yes, I actually asked the driver what it was called.

This week I have a Kuwaiti classic for you...

رجعت من السفر واكتشفت أن الفنان الكبير غريد الشاطئ قد انتقل إلى رحمة الله أثناء غيابي... سألت الأصدقاء ليش ما قلتوا لي؟ قالوا ما حبينا نضيق خلقك وانت مسافر... رحمك الله يا بوعبدالله وسأترككم مع أجمل أغانيه برأيي ... قلبي ارتجف


  1. 7amdella 3al salama Mr.Zeez :) great list this week :) LOVE IT (THANKS)

  2. Hi zaydoun, nice list of songs. The 2nd song and last one 7eloween e3jbony... especailly the las one thank you =).
    About (غريد الشاطئ) Allah yer7omah inshallah. I didn't know too that he's died Untill yesterday. The KTV5 7a6eeen barnamage 3anah..... ALf ra7mah 3aleeh.... walah ra7 nafged el9oot elly a6rabnah seneen..... Allah yer7omak inshallah ya (غريد الشاطئ).

  3. I never did get to congratulate you in the first place Zaydoun so Congrats! Welcome back :) Legal downloading? *gasp*shock*horror* Come back Zaydoun, come back to the dark side, to downloading music illegally. Just kidding. I think it's great way (albeit too complicated for my uncomplicated mind) to get music. Right, Later!

  4. i just saw ur miami pictures, now we have a face to the world's hmmm ya rabbi abee amde7ekk wayed bas mani gadra.. we are just glad u exist.. wojoodek ra7a..u have no idea eshkether marrat nafqed el amal and u give it back, o ya mel7ek ;P
    thanks for the great music, and everything.


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