Sunday, January 22, 2006


ملكيين أكثر من الملك؟؟


  1. يتملقون عصابة حمادة وتوتو

  2. Ma 3indihom salfa, those dumbasses!

    I'm at work now and I'm still blogging.

  3. Somebody is saying that he got it blocked bc he reported a site that insulted the Prophet..doesn't make sense why everyone gets punished..stupid fasttelco.

  4. زيدون مساء الخير: القبس اليوم عطت الناس ملخص أحداث الثلاث أيام السابقة، مقالة عبداللطيف الدعيج فيها الكثير من الحكمة،وفاست ت يملك فيها أحد الفريقين :)

  5. will someone confirm that Fastelco is ((still)) blocking ?

    Im starting a campaign and I want to be sure

  6. bo jaij, It isn't blocking it now. Appearntly 'someone' was behind all this. Some Bloger (yes notice there is only one G)

  7. well few blogs reported this ... good that its not true

    thanks and goodbye

  8. Zaydoun basha, They stopped the blocking

    Jewaira: its not about addiction my dear its about the only place that we open up and talk... ya3ny china dewaneya min '3eer sher6a :)

  9. أعتقد هذا الشخص اللي قدم الشكوى للشركه بسبب أنه يقول أحد الدونين قام بشتم الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم

    وإذا ما خاب ظني .. أعتقد أبو حفص أهو اللي سب..على فكره أحد عنده موقعه عشان أنعرف شقايل؟

  10. المهم شالوا الحجب و هذا أهم شي .. بس صاحبنا اللي مشتكي مادري ليش شاد حيله وايد على الأسلام .. لا و بعد يبي يسكر مواقع البروكسي

    ماجنه مافي مواقع تسب المسيح و اليهود .. ما أٌقول غير الكلام اللي قاله الأخ tata botata

    Dear Asshole,

    The web is full of people expressing their opinions on many subjects, islam is one of them. People been making fun of religion ever since religions existed, Look at the west and how they incorporate religious icons (like jesus christ) in their comedy shows and TV series.

    Please dedicate your life to something worthwhile, stop wasting your time (and ours) and fucking things in a major way in the process. I remember I got a message about this petition for the company that runs paltalk to stop one channel that was dedicated to curse and make fun of prophet mohammed (pbuh) and the company asked for a million signature. How is that petition? do you guys still collect signatures? did you reach fifty thousand fuckers who don?t have anything better to do? How hard is it to just ignore low lifes who run such channels and avoid being the closest thing to them?

    Brother ? Literally, Get a life

  11. خوش نكته من فاست تيلكو

    يحمدون ربهم احنا الحين مشغولين بالأخبار و الحسم و مباراة العربي و القادسية

    صج ماقول الا تفو على هالمخوخ

    شخباري بلوك

  12. I can't belive i was about to kill my self yesterday when i thought the country is stopping us blogger from blogging...
    and lama dareet she qe9a i laughed non stop.


    ma9khara :)

    sorry zaydoun basha i had to let this out.

  13. i can't see the light at the end of this tunnel anymore

  14. its that shithead q8ibloger who called fastelco. he probably threatened to send his suicide bomber friends over if they didnt ban it lol. in any case, fastelco is wrong for listening to a backwards little turd who should be in the mountainous regions of pakistan instead of kuwait.

  15. sij mako salfa FT ashwa eny mo 3endehom my account ;p

    ethaher ma daraw ena el ta3teem fe balad sha3ba etraba o 3ash 3ala el demoqra6eya maho ela mo7awala fashla le2ana 9ota betheel aslan bezeed o ra7 yo9al el mokan el ma6lob b2ay wasela o hatha mo yeded 3alaina el kuwaitiyen


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