Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Future of Media

  • To the legions of media people in Kuwait still stuck in the pre-Internet age...
  • To the foolish ISP that recently blocked the blogs and underestimated the loud backlash..
  • To every short-sighted government official getting increasingly impatient with the growing volume of online criticism and dissent...

I present to you this fascinating 8-minute look into the future of media, and depending where you stand it's not all rosy!


  1. It is really fascinating, thank you

  2. visionary!

    but I think it will happen before 2014.

    Laws will be amended, because printed media (including NYT) will have more online content.

    If you have noticed they started'Time Select' in 2005, and I think it will expand till it covers most of NYT (it's not free, though).

    thanks for sharing.
    PS: I think by 2014, Al-Anbaa will consider publishing online, due to the massive number of readers ;p

  3. Astoneshing , shay mo6abe3e i hope that kuwiat puplishers n isp's see's this thanx man realy fine thingy .. :)

  4. Where are my manners? Thanks to Moryarti for supplying the link

  5. يا حظي إللّي ب?اني

  6. It already happened Blogs vs New York Times in Google

    Remember kids it is all meta now.

  7. Damn! Scarey. Creepy. Fascinating. Interesting ...


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