Monday, February 13, 2006

The Good With The Bad

Yet another in-depth article about Dubai (who's their PR agency and how much are they being paid?!), and the relentless construction and development boom that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

The article has some staggering figures, but also achieves some fairness by shedding some light on the dark underbelly of the shiny, glittery boomtown.

And hey, at least Kuwait got a mention... although not what I would've preferred:
"Where else in the Middle East is going to do it? Turkey? Saudi Arabia? Lebanon? Egypt? Kuwait? You can't see it."

Oh well...... it just shows you can't have everything. They envy our democracy in spite of its shortcomings, and we envy their progressive vision.


  1. الحلو ما يكملش ;)

  2. one more thing:

    تتذكر لما الجارالله قابل محمد بن راشد
    قال لو الله يفك الكويتيين من الحسد جان يصيرون بالف خير
    (او بما معناه) حزتها الديرة قامت وما قعدت
    الكل يتحلطم ويقول
    خله بديرته احسن له

    ولما قابل يوسف الجاسم الشيخ صباح في الطيارة
    قال نفس الحكي
    حزتها ربعنا قالوا
    اي والله صاج

    I just want to point it out, since talking about dubai reminded me of it.

  3. Haha ahh yes...the green always seems greener on the other side :)
    Gives life flavour, I guess.

  4. I think we need to seriously reconsider our political system.

    It is holding us back, severely.
    Loyalties and benefits are hurting us.

    We also need to be behind our leaders in order to provide them with the base for good decision making.

  5. Am speechless and sad. this should have been kuwait. And at the same time am happy for UAE and Dubai. Alla yehaneehom.

  6. idip
    ما أذكر أحد تحلطم على كلام محمد بن راشد غير أبواق الفساد اللي هم أسباب تأخرنا، والدليل انهم عكسوا كلامهم لما قاله الشيخ صباح

    Shoulda woulda coulda... no use crying over spilled milk. Lets think ahead!

  7. here's a bizarre email i got from a friend in dubai. she injured herself while taking SNOWBOARDING lessons!!! never thought I would hear that from anyone in the desert. I'm in europe and I still haven't been skiing or anything. malat 3alay wa 3ala hathna il ridi bil kuwait.

  8. Walla first half of that article was pretty jaw-dropping, but then came the second half and kinda put things in perspective.

    I might not like Kuwait at this moment, but I'd still choose it over Dubai..

    It's hard to let go of one's communist leanigs you know :)

    (Garga, start your own blog already, will you? Gargitich ma tinmal)

  9. Lets think ahead!
    your sooooo cute :^)

  10. Z...

    The Khanna post is now officially out of my system!

    Thanks for ruining the past 2 days for me.

  11. Sensational Tabtabai Islam Rave Party!

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  13. Mr Moody,

    I think we should write off Kuwait (land, oil, everything) to one person (or family).

    Owning Kuwait, I'm sure it will be in their best interest to run it efficiently and turn it into Kuwait Holding.

    We can all then be sidelined, live miserable lives, but be proud to read an article in The Guardian titled: 'Kuwait..Atlantis Rising' or something of that sort. (Assuming we would be educated enough to read in that situation)

    What leaders willi 3afeek itha 7ameeha 7arameeha?

  14. You meant?The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?, but not in this case, from either side it is green, wi 7alal 3alaihom. Wi ya jima3a kufo min el7asad, tara eldor yayhom, la tista3jiloon.

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  16. 9oot... Thanks and I know we ARE looking ahead but we're also faced with a brick wall!

  17. Zaydoun...

    I blame latest post on my blog on you!

  18. garga..I agree.Its time you start your own blog!
    why do we always compare dubai and kuwait?Just because both are in the gulf and both sets of locals wear dishdashas doesnt mean that the 2 places are even remotely similar.Kuwait has an economy and society based on oil and the government sector,with a relatively educated and involved sha3b.Dubai was started by the brits,inhabited by expats,and the locals have a totally different amount of involvement.Also there is no oil to speak of there so its all about big business.Oh,and emir of kuwait (allah Yirhamu) was notoriously stingy...and the islamic movement here is much more potent than there,and like it or not,many people,companies and tourism are based on alcohol,bars, and freedom to do whatever you want with limits.


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