Saturday, March 04, 2006


Anyone who's had to participate in an exhibition or trade show in Kuwait knows what a painful and humiliating experience it can be. Whether they are at the horrible أرض المعارض in Mishref or at any of the hotel ballrooms, the suffering and misery are the same because it is one big scam. The organizers take your money for the rented space and then leave you hanging with very little support and totally unprofessional organization.

I said I would TRY to avoid complaining and comparing, but I can't help it. A visit to the Dubai World Trade Center leaves even the most seasoned exhibitor utterly speechless. We are participating in a trade show this week and the level of organization and support has me hanging my head down in shame. The sheer scale, the numerous on-site facilities, the shining marble everywhere... I could go on forever.

And how could it not be so fabulous? Here's their mission statement:
To be the leading commercial, residential, exhibition & convention centre in the Middle East and adjacent regions, complementing the Dubai government's initiatives and benefiting the local community through a dedicated team exceeding customer expectations

'Nuff said!


  1. That Mishref place is a exhibition center? Last time I was there it was a sheesha and fair ground.

  2. nibaq thats multi useage
    everyone in kuwait when they get a permit to oprate something they try to oprate something else with it

    got a farm ? build a house and swiming pool there , got a place for industrail workers ? build a mall

  3. دبي ؟ ..آآآآآآآآآآآآآآه ...فعلا الانسان يتحسر على حاله ويبارك لهم على حالهم

  4. الله يهني أهل دبي بدبي

    ترد بالسلامة زيدون

  5. its funny how Kuwaitis sometimes have this idea that they can rival Dubai, since i live in Dubai and Kuwait at the same time, all i can say is this Kuwait would never be able to compete with Qatar even...

    but honestly people, its our fault ...

  6. diff... I personally concede we lost the race ages ago. I'm just venting!

  7. انت من صجك تقارن
    انا راح اعطي مثل
    واعتذر عن رداءته بس اهو اللي طب ببالي

    الكويت صايرة جنها شريهان اللي اول الناس منبهرة فيها و بالفوازير

    و دبي فجأة ظهرت ظهور هيفاء وهبي

    واحنا الكويتيين للحين مصرين انه شريهان اهي النجمة و الجميلة

    مع احترامي لتاريخ شريهان اللي انا احبها وايد...بس خلاص لو شي يصير ما راح توصل مواصيل هيفاء
    كجمال و جماهيريه حاليه

    رغم انه فرق السن مو وايد بين الاثنين

  8. neelaah

    أحلى تشخيص، جبتيها ريت

  9. neelaah,



  10. Zaydoun,

    Just noticed..What kind of title is that?! LOL

  11. The difference is really huge betwen UAE nationals and Kuwaiti nationals.

    UAE nationals were my friends for 3 college years. They fought but never prolonging the issues. They respect each other and are happy about their rulers.

    At the same time Kuwaiti guys want to have the last and upper word on you if there is dispute. Furthermore, we want to show our rulers who we are, at least in front of our friends.

    Respect is plenty with our Emiraty friends, and is lacking from Kuwaitis.

  12. zort... I was wondering when someone would get round to noticing it


  13. الله .. دبي .. فنادق ومطاعم ومجمعات ونوادي وحدايق وسينمات و.. و..
    بس لحظة ما جبنا طاري لاي من مقومات الدولة .. واولها الشعب ..احد منكم سمع معاناة البسطاء من شعبهم اللي يشكون من تحكم جنسيات معينة برزق امارتهم .. اكو حرية راي وحق التعبير والانتقاد ؟ اكو مشاركة بالحكم وبالقرار ؟ حرية الصحافة ؟ مؤسسات المجتمع المدني ؟ وين الهوية المفقودة؟ ولا بس بقايا تراثيات للاجانب !! ومشروب ونوادي ليلية وبنات الهوى ؟ هذي صارت المقاييس الحين ؟
    نعم احنا وقفنا ويمكن تأخرنا وايد بس مانبي حضارة كرتونية.. مع كامل الاحترام والتقدير لاهل دبي

  14. الكويتي الحر

    هذا بالضبط الكلام اللي أقوله للربع، وبصراحة غير محسودين على اوضاعهم. انا مابي للكويت الا التنظيم والهمة والرؤية اللي نشوفها هني... وسلامتك

  15. well said الكويتي الحر

    بس مثل ما قال زيدون شوية همة على حبتين تنظيم وترجع الكويت درة الخليج

  16. If it's any consolation; maybe, in Dubai they don't make peeping Toms like they do in Kuwait!

  17. Zaydoun, I remember the first time I went to their exhibition center, I was absolutely amazed!! Really great organization! I felt so small being there, and for a split second I tried comparing the place with our exhibition center, then stopped and laughed!

    I would love to know how different it is from the organizers' side!

  18. دبي مثال للتقدم
    و قطر تمشي على خطاها
    و الفال لنا

  19. Zaydoon,

    Forget Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai and the politics in between, DWTC to me is Dubai Motor Show and ATM, if you want to meet the Sexiest chicks in the world, I don't miss that.

  20. ben kerishan

    I wanted to get in touch with you in Dubai but your blog was blocked


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