Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Damn it if this is what it takes to get a high-paying job with NBK, I would've hit the casino tables in Vegas a long time ago.

Huigens, who married in January, said the Kuwait package equated to $190,483 a year, not including bonuses, which can equate to up to five months' basic salary a year. "I can't gamble and I can make full restitution to St George Bank," Huigens wrote. "I would dearly like to be able to take up my position in Kuwait as I think everyone wins. "I can repay my debts in full, work in a non-gambling country* and finally I believe I will get my life back on track much better than a term in jail would accomplish.
*الحبيب ما شاف بورصة الكويت

His best line is "everybody wins". I think most NBK customers would beg to differ!! I can't believe NBK would hire a convicted felon who stole the money while he was working as a liaison officer with his previous bank's large corporate clients!!!

I also feel the pain of NBK staff with their pathetic salaries. My advice is this: Go to Beirut, hit the tables at Casino du Liban, rack up some huge debts, steal the money from your branch vault... then sit back and wait for that promotion!


  1. Can somebody shoot me at point blank range with a fifty calibar gun...................

  2. looking at it from a different stance...حراميه يابولهم حرامي

  3. WTF?!

    Why is NBK even considering hiring this loser? something's fishy..

  4. they are going for most bank with robbers in the middle east award

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this has happened in another local bank, but NBK... I mean whatever happened to No. 1 financial institution in the middle east & all that crap!!
    I always thought that their pro's in everything, including recruiting of employees, but this just makes them another "baqallah" amongst the others!

  6. And they say wasta is only for Kuwaitis....

  7. Jashanmal,

    عاد حرامية
    harsh شوي

  8. بوق مدخرات العملاء و حرمنه راقية؟


    من أمــه يبيله

    و العهد اليديد مو بس مقتصر على القطاع الحكومى...

    و طالعة إشاعة

    Enron CEO

    رئيس إنرون سيتم تعيينه كرئيس لجنة مكافحة الفساد بوزارة الطاقة

  9. تدرون شنو الشى العجيب بالسالفة؟

    شلون قدروا يلقون واحد كويتى من أعماق إستراليا؟؟؟!!


    حرامى و ما دش السجن و مدمن قمار و عنده واسطة ..إذا هذا مو كويتى متجنس بإستراليا أقص بطيخى

  10. abt the lebanon advice : it did happen without mentioning names but not gambling but somethin similar and they found out and kept him on board.
    Kuwaities are treated like shit there.. trust me..
    too much of subjet to comment on.. cuz I wrote abt it several times ... anyway they deserve ppl like that....

  11. wow zaydoun
    nice post ... it made my weekend

  12. And we await NBK's official response to this story. I'm hoping it makes it into the local Kuwaiti press (though Al-Qabas might skip it)

    We might effectively sabotage this man's career, but you know what? I DON'T CARE!!!

  13. not really, you just provided him with perfect chance to get a job anywhere because of his experience in Clorox banking, which is wanted everywhere in every country and company.

  14. صحيح الريال ياى يعطى محاضرات بفن الإختلاس و يمكن يسووله سيمينار بالشيراتون أو الراية و تحت رعاية غرفة التجارة و يفتتحه وزير التجارة

    لتخريج جيل جديد من الشباب الكويتى اللى يقدر يمسك بزمام الأمور بعد إحلال العمالة الوطنية فى مكان الأجانب

  15. check this out!! haha!

  16. NBK Big Teddy pulled back the offer!! Though the super lady up there tried to push for overlooking the scandal and hiring the guy anyway!! What a loyal lady!

    You have the credit for curbing the فساد at NBK!!!

  17. it is possible NBK just didn't know. this is why you do background checks on prospective employees.

  18. poiwer... background checks are usually done BEFORE a US$190,000 package is offered


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