Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pit Bulls of Journalism

I swear when I read this article, all I could think of was the guys at ساحة الصفاة


  1. And I also found THIS

    ولين...زيدون قام يفتتح التعليقات بنفسه.... هذه بداية التخريف

  2. La mafeeha shay o smillah 3alaik min el kharaf, and yes whenever I want a decent take on the current events back home, Sa7at al Safat is my first stop.

    I'm still awaiting their thoughts on the nothern oil-fields law, o Allah ya36eehom el 3afia :)

  3. Big Z
    Your link to the article is the same link to Sa7at Elsafat

  4. Ayya... it's fine, try again

  5. Or the guy at Kuwait Unplugged :)

  6. Shurouq... thank you, but I have to disagree

    During the last crisis ساحة الصفاة actually functioned as a real-time accurate news source that put the traditional media dinosaurs to shame... whereas my blog is just a bunch of highly opinionated ramblings.

    In a traditional media analogy, they are journalists and I would be a columnist



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