Thursday, March 23, 2006

Playlist March 23 - 30

This week's playlist features some classic selections from artists who will be performing in Dubai over the next few weeks..
  1. Fairuz (March 30) - مش قصة هاي: Fairuz in "dissing" mode. I love the جلسة mood of this song.
  2. Jamiroquai (April 13) - 7 Days in Sunny June: Yes I recommended it last summer, but damn it's so good.
  3. Robbie Williams (April 21) - Kids: Robbie & Kylie, a match made in pop-trash heaven!
  4. Jennifer Lopez (April 27) - Waiting for Tonight: Never liked her songs much, and this is the least offensive of her hits.

Meanwhile in Kuwait.... all hell broke loose over a PRIVATE party last weekend that featured Ragheb Alameh, Majda Al-Roumi (yawn!), and drag comedian Bassem Fghali, with lots of (gasp!) alcohol and (shock! horror!) dancing. On Monday, the indignant Al-Watan huffed its disapproval like an old spinster aunt in a mean-spirited article, describing the event as حــفــل مــاجــن and calling for "heads to roll" at the Ministry of Interior for allowing such degenerate behavior to tarnish our otherwise pure and innocent country.

They didn't post the article on their website, no doubt aware that bloggers would have a field day with it, both for and against, and I strongly urge the artists to sue Al-Watan for publishing their pictures with that offensive article!!


  1. اللي فضح السالفة هوشة اثنين من الكبار بالحفلة وصار تحذف بطول .....واللي خلا جماعة تقويم الاخلاق يدرون بالسالفة انهم كانو باجتماع ما ادري ندوة بقاعة قريبة من قاعة الحفل بالشيراتون وسمعو وشافو الهوشة

    اللي يضحك ان الحفل عيد ميلاد لواحد لبناني عمره 50 سنة !
    عليهم بالعافية

  2. حفلة خاصة...و ناس مستانسين. و هذا طبعا لا يعجب جماعة (يعجبني حياؤك) و ياريت الفنانين و اهل الحفلة يرفعوا قضية على الوطن كونهم كتبوا (حفل ماجن).

  3. بو صالح

    أي ندوة هذه يوم الخميس بالليل؟ أخاف يايبين خالد الملا وخرب عليهم راغب

  4. Zaydoun :
    سؤال وجيه ....بس يمكن ما يبون يطلعون بالشارع يوم الخميس علشان لا يتعرضون للفسق والفجور !!
    تدري .....يعجبني حياؤهم

  5. "heads to roll" in MOI??

    Wouldn't that in itself constitute a violation by Al-Watan of the new media law??

    Looks like head to roll at alwatan for being "irrisponsibly inticing chaos and ill-will regarding an official government agency" in this article.


  6. راحت فيها الكويت ماكو حياء

    اول السرسري والملا فيهم حياء اكثر.

    الحين في ملالوة وسرسرية ما يعجبني قلة حيائهم.

  7. Zaydoun,

    I think the ones who told the MOI about it, were the ladies of
    لجنة ساعد اخاك المسلم - جزاهن الله خيرا
    because they had their annual event in Sheraton.

    and no "yawn" for Majda :p

  8. idip

    Majda is sama3i سماعي not private party material, therefore a yawn is inevitable


  9. Majda's not party material I agree.

    Love Fairouz..
    Robbie Williams is awsome

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  11. hope wisallik ilkhabar why te article was removed from alwatan website;)

  12. مثل ما قال بوصالح عليهم بالعافية

  13. Zaydoun, sij 7afla faajra shino ya3ny ppl having their own fun in a private party?!? mayseeer!! I suggest lajnat 7ayaa'uk vote for one person to be at every home just in case!

    AlWatan is toiletpaper, after use!

  14. Love your gossipy news Zaydoun.

  15. ش هالتدهور الأخلاقي اللي وصلت له الكويت؟؟؟

    !ناس مسوين حفلة؟

    عمر الكويت ما كان فيها هالسوالف

    دق و رقص و عَرَق؟

    هذا هو تغريب المجتمع بعينه

    !استغفر الله

  16. زيدون

    عندنا موضوع مشابهه
    يا ريت لو تزورنا انت وربعك

    حياكم الله

  17. بعد ما وقفوا كل أنواع الفن بهالديرة .. يات على نانسي وباسم فغالي

  18. ذهبت إلى الجمعية مساء البارحة

    أسأل عن منتج دنماركي معين

    فإذا به مقاطع بسبب انتقاد شخصية ماتت قبل 1400 عام

    وإنا لفراقك أيها المنتج الدنماركي الكافر لمحزونون


  19. 3afoor

    No I didn't hear anything. Why don't you tell me?

  20. Dildiq

    you are a real stinker. An enemy of the society. Go to tora bora, you fit in well there. They love you there.

    I'm boycotting you and anyone who stands for you.

  21. they can do whatever they want. its no one else's business.

  22. Private parties in Kuwait can only get hipper for two reasons:
    1) Jacko ( the ambiguous child admirer and entertainer)has moved in next door.
    2) the no frills Kuwaiti carrier allows him to fly in to Kuwait daily, if he has to using his milk money.
    No wonder private parties in Kuwait are the next big thing after the discovery of Burgan oil field.

  23. The Upstairs' Blogger,

    Interesting perspective.

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  25. This is plenty impressive! 25 dissenting voices against the Voice of Dissent in a city of over 2 million people.


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