Monday, March 20, 2006

Time Flies....

On this day, March 20 2003... your humble blogger made his first appearance on the "blogosphere". It was a shot in the dark, more out of boredom and a way to avoid sending email dispatches about the Iraq war than any desire to say something meaningful. I truly had no idea how or where it would end up, or how long it would last..

Well, here we are today THREE YEARS LATER... It's been a thrilling, bumpy ride.. reaching dizzying heights and sometimes sickening lows. My enthusiasm for blogging has not diminished yet, although there are days when I'm just not inspired to write anything.

Of course, there is no way I could have completed three years without your ongoing support, each and every one of you. You are the power that keeps this engine running and for that I am eternally grateful.

Looking forward to several more years of hell-raising!

Yours truly



  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. Inshalla many more years to come, and we will still be reading you blog :]

  2. Happy anniversary! - Gosh you're ancient :P

    It seems like yesterday, I still remember how I searched the net for blogs on the war, and yours was one of the hits.
    A year later I started blogging - so thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. ماشاالله.... بصراحة بلوقك حلو و مواضيعك مفيدة و هادفة واصل و الله يوفقك.... و تعوده انت و المدونة كل سنة و انت بخير و بصحة :)

  4. godspeed young man, godspeed

  5. !كل عام و انت بألف خير يا عمدتنا

    متمنيا ان تتحفنا العمر كله يا زيدون


  6. كل عام و أنت بخير
    و المدونه بخير

    أعتبر الاحتفال بعيد ميلاد المدونه عيد ميلاد مدونتى أيضا و الكثير من المدونين كنت أنت السبب فى دخولهم لهذا العالم

  7. I remember long time before Shopa appeared in this world, I used to enjoy reading your posts.

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Mr. Z

    كل عام ومدونتك وزوارها بخير

  9. those were the good old days...

  10. كل عام وأنت بخير

  11. Happy anniversary zaydoun :)

  12. كل عاااااااااااام و انت بالف خير
    واحنا طماعين
    ننتظر دايما المزيد منك

  13. Only thing I wish Allah to make your blog coontribute to making our life and after-life better.

  14. Thank you everyone...

    Mr. Moody... the afterlife is YOUR responsibility, not mine


  15. Wow! you are three years young already?!
    Till date, which has been your most cherished blog entry, Zed?

  16. happy 3rd birthdaaaaaaaay!

    hope it has many more years :)

  17. Upstairs Blogger... Tough question!

    There have been so many special posts, I'd say the ones that generated the most discussions would be the ones to remember.

    The most special post for me was the one I wrote on the 22nd anniversary of my father's death (Sept 13). It was a rare occasion for me to address that subject and the comments that followed were very special to me.

    I also enjoy the posts that manage to get some laughs, because that is always a surprise. I didn't know I had it in me!

  18. كل عام و انت بخير يا حلو و انشالله

    ull plug kuwait soon:P

  19. happy aniversary. magoolik... when i said your the king of bloggers i wasnt exxagerating :-)

  20. Z,

    Hook up with one of the dailies. Be a syndicated writer. This thing is going to be wide open and many of them will need people like you. Be Bu Rakan V 2.0. I mean it.

  21. hello Zaydoun,
    keep up the hard work ;)

  22. Jambino... I am my own editor, and I want to keep it that way.

    I can't imagine being subjected to deadlines and editorial controls!

  23. Hi,

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  24. Zaydoun,

    Time flies indeed, I remember my freshmen first semester away from q8 stuck to the monitor reading qhate throughout the day from March during the war, I remember the atmosphere and the long strench of alarms going off during the war even though I weren't in q8. O now I'm graduating this semester(it was like yesterday man).

    I've been no more than a spectator all along (selfish?? freaky?). I admire your work and those of other bloggers that stood up, and guess I owe you a big THANKS.

  25. 3uqbaaal il 300 yrs inshalla, not just 3!

    Happy Bday Kuwait Unplugged, o u must be so proud of ur baby Zaydoun :)

    btw, Im following ur footsteps (again) and switching fully to, and my old blogspot address wont work (just like u again)!

    Please update your links, and visit the new look website, which will be fixed in the coiming few days!

  26. Thank you for presenting me to the world of blogs & may you always stay our motivator :)

  27. Happy b(log)-day Z.

    Once I stayed all night long reading all your archives. Da3ait 3alaik yomha kept me up all night :P

  28. I second Jambino but I also see your point..
    Your blog is better than the five papers combined

    Happy anniversary :*

  29. زيدون

    كل عام وانت بخير وصحة وعافيه

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  31. Happy Anniversary Zaydoun, you're truly a source of information to anyone who's away from home...thank you for everything you've done and to many years of wonderful posts to come :)

  32. كل عام وانت بخير

  33. Kel 3am wenta bkhair okhooy Zaydoun o 3o2baal el 100 sena ebnafs hal ta2aloq :)

  34. Mabrook! May many more years come to pass before you decide to have had enough!

    -- mahmood

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