Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mango Mania!

Eat more mangoes over the next few days until May 15th. They're delicious, messy... and

شباب... لكم مني كراتين المنجة ليلة الإرادة، الأحد القادم مقابل مجلس الأمة


  1. Love the pictures!

    I swear I can smell those mangos!

  2. Mango is not orange, if it was orange it would be an orange, you cannot convert mangoes to oranges, not even for political gain.

    Respect the rule of the mango.

  3. Purg.
    We say something's orange, it's orange.

    What do you know about oranges and mangos anyway you passive penguin-loving citizen

  4. I know mangoes are not orange, stop disrespecting my penguin heritage, you you you...snail!

  5. بس مالي خلق نجرة

    بروح آكل همبة

  6. I say that SOME mangoes are more orangey than yellow.

    The wonderfully fat,succulent, juicy mangoes are indeed orange - not the horrid unripe green things they pack for us to ripen and rot at home.

    Zaydoun wonderful photos

  7. No, orange mangoes are those hybrid mangoes they get from egypt sometimes, they look like mangoes, yet they taste like a mix of mango and orange.

    I refuse to acknowledge that mangoes are orange.

  8. Interesting post,Nice Blog..:)

  9. purg... their color is orange, deal with it!

    jewaira.. click on the photos to read the great NY Times article

  10. You think its orange because you are blinded by all the orange around you, even the sky is orange, the sea is orange, your screen is orange, orange, everywhere, hence mango you see is orange.

    Mango is not orange and never will be.

  11. The juicy mango that I'm eating RIGHT NOW begs to differ

  12. I checked some websites and this is what I found:"

    "The ripe fruit (meaning mango) is variably coloured yellow, orange and red, reddest on the side facing the sun and yellow where shaded; green usually indicates that the fruit is not yet ripe, but this depends on the cultivar."

    Therefore, its a shade of dark yellow, that is how I read it, but if you are having an orange mango and enjoying it, then enjoy, I will go get some that are not orange, to balance the universe.

    Give some to shurouq, she is hungry.

  13. I second the opinion that says "mangos are NOT orange." The pulp may be orange but the skin is definitely not. I am not a big fan of mango either!

  14. Best Egyptian mango is Taymour
    It comes late August
    most jam3iyat sell them as Taymour but in fact they are Lousy Zibdiya
    Real Taymour never have 'pointy'end.
    Taymour is completely smooth all around.
    you can get them hard and they will ripe at room temp. in 2 or three days
    they beat any Indian mango anytime

  15. bunaz

    رجاءً لا تغلط على ألفونسو


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  18. غريبه الهمبه في ليله الاراده والله اقول لكم هم زين شي برتقالي وحلو بس خايف انه يوم 15 مايو يقوم شرار و الفهد الصغير ومن يدور في فلك الفساد بتوزيع البرتقال ويقولون حامض على بوزكم والاراده لنا احنا

  19. labga3

    هالأيام موسم المنجة الهندية وانا كان حسبالي الشباب راح يعتصمون طول الليل، فقلت أجيب لهم منجة ياكلونها ويتسلون فيها


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