Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup vs. Elections

ياريت لو يطلع مرشحي انتخابات 2006، أو من يعمل معهم، على الجدول القيم الذي أصدره الزميل كيو لمساعدتهم على تنظيم افتتاحات والمقرات والندوات لكي لا تتضارب مع مباريات كأس العالم ولا سيما الهامة منها

المثل يقول راعي بالين كذاب.. لذلك فإن المهووسين بكرة القدم العالمية، وما أكثرهم، لن يفكروا بحضور ندوة مهمة لأي مرشح إذا تضارب موعد الندوة مع مباراة ساخنة حتى لو كانت لديهم اهتمامات سياسية... ولا نريد أن لهم أن يذهبوا مغصوبين لأي ندوة وأن يتابعوا المباراة على هواتفهم النقالة لكي لا تحصل نسخة مصغرة من المشهد التالي

I'll switch to English now because it's easier to describe...

July 1990 at Wembley Stadium, London. The Rolling Stones were playing live in concert, while at the same time England and Germany were playing their semi-final match in Turin, Italy. Way up in the VIP skybox, some people were watching the game on TV while the Stones were performing on stage below and when England scored its one goal during the game and its subsequent goals during the penalty shootout, they would rush to the window and whip the crowd below into a frenzy at some very awkward moments during Stones songs. At first, Mick Jagger thought the raucous applause was for him and the band but when he realized it was for the football match he threw a hissy fit and threatened to stop the show!

Of course England lost the match to Germany, which put most of the crowd at Wembley in a foul mood. I didn't care... I was just happy to see my rock idols!!

By the way... how awful is the Arabic commentator on ART?! We were stuck with the Arabic channel during the Germany - Costa Rica game and he drove us nuts talking about everything EXCEPT the match itself!. We finally managed to reset the decoder to get the English channel and thank God because the thought of having to sit through a month of this crap was too much to bear!


  1. كلام سليم و كيو ما قصر المفروض يعطونه كومشن

    هذا اللي ماشي بالديرة هالأيام حتى الله بالخير يبون عليها كومشن

    انا شخصيا بجابل كاس العالم

    ادري من حقه بصوت

  2. شلون طلعت التعليق الانجليزى ؟!؟

    افشل تعليق العربى
    من الجمل الطيبه الى قالها
    ( و يا حلاتك يا معلق لما تعلق )

  3. Ana 3an nafsi I almost don't touch the TV all year round so I'm not gonna shell out a 100 KD to get the whole ART package when the only item I'd be interested in is the world cup.

    For that reason, I'll watch whatever I can watch of the games online. ART khal eynamoon a7san.

  4. Forza,
    set ur decoder on this freq.
    2 nilesat

  5. You can watch the world cup coverage on the South African SuperSports with BBC/SKY commentary

  6. قسماً بالله كتبت موضوع اليوم قبل لا أشوف كاريكاتير الوطن

    قمت أفكر مثلهم... ما هي بشارة


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