Thursday, July 27, 2006

Playlist July 27 - August 2

The carnage and sadness continues in Lebanon, so here's another Fairuz classic that will move even the toughest of hearts, plus two more pop songs with very timely and appropriate lyrics
  1. احكيلي - فيروز: This song reduced me to a blubbering crybaby when she sang it at the last concert in Dubai. Again I couldn't find a clip online.
  2. Feeder - Save Us: A cry for help. The words could easily be coming from Lebanon
  3. Ray LaMontagne - How Come?: The question we ask every day (thanks Haitham)


  1. Here you go :D

    This is the original version. Try to get the Live at the Olympia album, which is truly a gem.

  2. Thanks Perseus... I was actually looking for the Olympia version. I have it on CD but couldn't find it online to let people preview it here

  3. Zaydoun, Burn the CD into mp3 files using Nero software, and share the files :) en7eb el balash

    viva la sharing


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  5. آآه يا لبنان
    آآه يا بيروت
    آآه يا بحمدون ويا حريصا ويا جعيتا
    وآآه يا زحله وشتوره ونبع الباروك ونبع الصفا

    وحسبي الله على من كان السبب بهالدمار

  6. Hey Zaydoun, nice list =)


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