Sunday, July 02, 2006

Who's Our Tracy Flick?

Now that our parliamentary elections are over, let's go back a few years to the dark comedy masterpiece Election, starring Reese Witherspoon, with its running themes of politics, ethics, morals, obsession, revenge and high school social groups.

Witherspoon's character Tracy Flick is an "anal-retentive go-getter who will stop at nothing to win her student council election. She generates an onslaught of huge posters, buttons, and customized cupcakes all bearing her special slogan in big, bold capital letters: Pick Flick, which is Tracy's trademark". She is usually the only student running for the council presidency (sound familiar?) and when another student candidate is put forward by a teacher, who at once hates her and is strangely attracted to her, she resorts to a dirty campaign of lies and tricks to eliminate her opponent and anyone else getting in her way.

If you haven't yet seen it, I suggest you borrow/rent/steal a copy as soon as you can; Reese Witherspoon's amazing performance has been voted #45 of The 100 Greatest Performances of All Time in Premiere Magazine.

For those of you who have seen this terrific film, I'm sure you can draw your own parallels with many of Kuwait's MPs and candidates who ran their own recent campaigns straight out of the Tracy Flick handbook.

So who do you think is/was Kuwait's Tracy Flick?


  1. هم تمشي على حرب الرئاسه

  2. I loved this movie I wanna watch it again ...

    I say nabila al anjiri

  3. You're absolutely right, that film is a masterpiece.. very underrated.

    The bee sting incident is unforgettable.. lol

  4. I watched it around 3 years ago, and never made a connection with Kuwait or parliamentary elections.. I think my braincells hibernate while whatching movies!

    with all due respect, my Tracy Flick is Rola Dashti, and her "single vote" tactic brought Basil down.

    Duaij Al-Shimmery... just ask anyone in Al-Faiha or Al-Nuzha about what he used to say about Al-Anjery & Al-Khanna during the elections.. or maybe since2003.

    Hsain Al-Gallaf

    Mhammad Al-Mtair

    Jasim Al-Khrafi

    Bader Shaikhan

    I would vote for Rola if she was in my constituency.

  5. marzoooooooooooq!!
    especially with the cupcakes...the next day after his first rally every woman in kuwait was talking about his "petifor" or whatever he was serving.

  6. 6ab3an Marzooog

    gha9ub efooz 7ata lo mo marghoob feeh, yaay eltha7ya oho ma3a a9wata jahzeen

  7. سؤالك هذا جعلني أتذكر شيئا قد يكون مماثلا: من من وزرائنا يا ترى يعتبر الأكثر شبها ب "جيم هاكر"؟ ولو أن الشبه قد يكون فقط في حب الظهور الإعلامي، و لكن بما أن جيم يحب دائما التحرك تجاه الأفعال الجالبة لأصوات الناخبين فقد يجوز مقارنته بنوابنا الأفاضل أيضا

    الطريف هو أن "التحكم" بالوزراء في بعض الدول قد يأتي من الأسفل مِن مَن يعملون مع الوزير، و لكن عندنا في الكويت التحكم دائما يأتي من الأعلى

  8. Bujwais

    I'm more interested to know who's our Sir Humphrey!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. LoL

    This is what I meant by "Control coming from below". I'm not sure if we have a Kuwaiti version of Sir Humphrey, unless you count the father (control from above) :D. Bas if there was I would probably give up on the orange movement and just do like sa3ad zaghlool:

    "مفيش فايدة"

    Since Humpty is pretty much unbeatable.

    Actually if we look at the relationship between some MPs and A7mad AlFahad, then AlFahad could be a small version of Humphrey?

  11. Gem of a film...have had the urge to watch it again recently..It's true, borrow/rent/steal it.

  12. BuJwais..

    I read ur comment and it made me inquire about our honorable ministers and the need for them to go to airport for the protocols of reception that they do most of the time.. wouldn't their stay at their offices and overseeing the daily activities of their ministries "especially if they got more than 1" is much more better than transporting others to and from the airport?

    i haven't seen the movie :)

  13. عندي فيلم أفضل
    دمعة بكاء في إبريق
    بطولة حسين القلاف

  14. 39am ildaboos.. how much money did he burn?

    9 million kd?

    and like the bad guy in any movie, he went down haaaard. im just hoping he doesnt make a come back, and that good prevails in the end, LOL!

  15. idip

    كيفان ناقصها رولا دشتي علشان نكمل والكامل وجه الله

    يا رجل يا كيفاني ..فالك ما قبلناه

    تبي فال زين قول د. موضي الحمود إذا تبي أصغر قول د. أسيل العوضي د.ابتهال عبد العزيز...قول مريم الصانع..قول فارعة السقاف..وإلا وحده من بنات الخطيب

    رولا!! الله يكافينا الشر

  16. so Zaydoun,

    you advise us to steal a copy of this movie?

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