Friday, November 10, 2006

Playlist November 9 - 15

For some reason I was "locked out" of Blogger yesterday and I couldn't write any posts or even comment. All fixed now, so here's the delayed playlist, heavy on the R&B this week

  1. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black: Run to buy this album pronto. A soul classic in the making!
  2. Robin Thicke - The Evolution of.... : Extremely talented son of America's most painfully unfunny man Alan Thicke. Smooth, subtle R&B.. the way it should be.
  3. Mister V feat. Miss Patty - Da Bump: Ridiculously catchy hip/house track.
  4. Taio Cruz - I Just Wanna Know: Chilled out British R&B newcomer.


  1. تصدق عمري ما شغلت اغنية من البلاي ليست


  2. KM

    تعبي راح بلاش

  3. I'm hooked on Amy Winhouse's album..
    Yesterday's song was "Rehab", and today's is/was "You Know I'm No Good".

    كله مطقوق
    زين تسوي
    الموسيقى حرام

  4. amy's fab..definitely one of the defining voices and lyricists of this generation..the song rehab has a great timless quality to it.....too bad i missed her on c4 being a butcher, any1 catch that? classic!

  5. Amy Winehouse ... mo sij!!!!

  6. Amy Winehouse... Gooood, me likey

  7. انا على طول اشغلهم واسمعهم

    آخر شي أقوم أستغفر وأروح أصلي :P

    زيدون إذا ما عليك أمر المره القادمه نبي

    موسيقى الساكسفون والبودا بار

    ولا تنسى سلمان حميد

  8. Thanx Zaydoun for Amy Winehouse

  9. آثف بس والله مو نوعي أغاني و جذي خاصة مع الكونكشن التعبان

  10. Correction: Alan Thicke is Canadian, so that makes him North America's least funny man

    Meanwhile, this playlist post has go the most comments actually related to a playlist. Ever! I guess I can thank Amy Winehouse for that


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