Thursday, January 25, 2007

Playlist - January 25 - 31 2007

The playlist returns after a hiatus in which December didn't have much on offer and I somehow forgot to post my Best of 2006 list (too late now). The past few weeks have just been lazy, but we'll kick off with a track I recommended last year waaaaaay before its official release and now it's a big hit. Can I call them or what?!
  1. MIKA - Grace Kelly: Lebanese-born, spent some time in Kuwait as a kid apparently. A perfect Freddie Mercury "homage" and #1 on the UK charts this week! Maybe Linda can take time out from Audi commercials and play it some day.
  2. Ghosts - Musical Chairs: Bright sunny pop, perfect for this sunny weekend.
  3. واحنا سوا - أصالة : Restraint suits her so well, and this song has shades of North Africa in it.
  4. Jay Jay Johanson - She Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Scandinavian pop treat more on the melancholy side. Sounds like a song from an old 70's French film.
  5. The Bird and The Bee - Again & Again: And so does this one.
  6. The Killers - Bones: More Springsteen-esque rock, with a video directed by Tim Burton.
  7. أحلى حاجة فيكي - محمد حماقي : The catchiest song to come out of Egypt for a while, giving Amr Diab and run for his money and I bet many sleepless nights.
  8. Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson - I Feel Like: From their latest album full of club hits, this is a standout.


  1. Didn't like The Killer's Sam's Town much.. I'm still hooked on their first album.

    Jay Jay Johanson's song hit a nerve.

    Thanks for keeping my iPod up to date, Zaydoun :*

  2. Shurouq... I knew it would


  3. you have good taste :)

    I'm always gonna check your playlists


  4. warda

    Thank you... you can also check previous playlists in the monthly archives, posted every Thursday


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