Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Save Linda!

I'm no fan of DJ Linda on RKFM 99.7, but, God bless her, there she is every morning, getting up at the crack of dawn to drive all the way from Jahra to the radio station to be her (excessively) perky self on the radio. Yes I have issues with her music selection which barely seems to change, but I can't get too worked up over it that early in the day.

And yet nobody - not even your worst enemy - should be subjected to the daily ordeal of plugging Audi cars every single Goddamn morning between 8 and 9 a.m.! It's cruel and inhumane, and shows a complete lack of imagination. It's enough to make us miss the old awful Babtain radio spots, which at least ran on their own and didn't force Linda to read from the same gushing script every day.

DJ's are supposed to play music, and when they're not doing that they can talk about music and entertainment news, public service announcments or engage the listeners in conversations or jokes or even pranks. If the hour is sponsored by someone, they can just say "This hour is brought to you by [sponsor]" and leave it at that. They should NOT be plugging the products and going on and on about how great they are on a daily basis; and certainly not for well over a year!!

I hope Audi's local ad agency reconsiders it's radio advertising strategy soon before Linda goes off the rails and has a nervous breakdown. Seriously folks.. this is grounds for a lawsuit and compensation for emotional distress!

And I hope she actually got an Audi as a reward for her troubles. After over a year of this torture she deserves nothing less than a full-option Audi A8!


  1. Z

    she is a mercy in comparison to the idiots on 88.8 fm . the are so annoying . I cant stand them and there selection of music and the silly way the interact with each other. Now the added a Lebanese dj which the other Kuwaiti dj?s make fun of all the time.

    About the audi announcements they do get on my nerves too.

  2. Ya YouR Damn RiGht!! I LoVe LiNda aNd HeR Talks BuT The AuDi aDVeRtiSeMeNTs GoTTa Go! TheY DRive PeoPle CRaZy aNd iT MaKeS a PerSoN WHo WaNTs To BuY iT NoT BuY iT!! LoL;p CheCk ouT My BLoG aT www.hobyholicme.blogspot.com thnx;)

  3. It is unbearable.
    You are absolutely right one just has to state that the show is sponsored by...and be done with it.

    Personally I usually turn the volume down during ads.

    But I have to say that DJ Linda has the perfect perky morning attitude to wake people up so good for her, doing that job for all these years.

    I still remember her talking about the Halloween pumpkin in the window of her home in Jahra.

    I haven't been listening to her in a while; usually I station surf.

    With regards to Mosan's remark about Marina FM, I do think that it should be an all-Kuwaiti show especially in the morning.

    I especially get annoyed at ads that are done in a non-Kuwaiti dialect. What's the point exactly?

    I suppose it is just a reflection of how varied the population groups are in Kuwait.

  4. i can't stand her... i the way she mis pronounces every name of every artist .. its KANYE WEST not KAYNE... you are a DJ on KUWAITS NATIONAL RADIO STATION... either get your shit together or get out... the question is why do they keep her there... and she always moves away from the mic.. she pisses me off

  5. she probably got an Audi 2007 calendar

  6. Linda is amazing, you said everything i had in mind, the advertisements, her hard work everyday in the morning, she has been doing this for years, she deserves more than that, talking about their sponsors after every 4 songs, and playing too much oldies and country

  7. I met her about two years ago when I sang in a silly Karaokee. She's a really nice and funny person, I really liked her.

  8. OK lets not get carried away here... she's not that good, but we're used to her now and she's become part of our mornings.

    And give me Linda over the godawful "La Bouche" anyday (what kind of dumbass name is that anyway?!)

  9. linda sucks and deserves to suffer! she has had over 10 years to improve her show,but didnt.If she had,she would have more listeners leading to more advertising revenue from more varied advertisers instead of one or 2 advertisers who are paying peanuts to get so much coverage.Look at all the great FM stations in cairo and dubai...once again Kuwait lags behind the rest of the pack even though once again they were first to start...sigh!

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  11. Hi all,

    I want to thank Linda for the morning news & anouncements she makes. She became the reason I listen to a Kuwaiti channels everyday as they all suck. Linda became the reason I wake up in the morning even when i am on holiday, & I would like to nominate her as the person of the week or month or even year.
    Linda, i thank you.


  12. how 2 dedicate a song in 99.7 guyz help me out plz ??? send me the answer at acid_burner55@yahoo.com the sender may win exiting prizes


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