Thursday, February 08, 2007

Playlist February 8 - 14

I see that this week's playlist is valid until the 14th, i.e. the dreaded Valentine's Day, and since I don't have much new to recommend this week... here's a random selection of songs that have nothing in common except the word "LOVE" in the titles
  1. Reflekt - Need to Feel Loved: A huge club hit in 2005, but it's been on "heavy rotation" with me the last few weeks.
  2. The Cure - Love Song: Moping love song from goth heroes.
  3. Elton John - Love Lies Bleeding: One of his classic masterpieces, and always the opening song of his live concerts.
  4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - We're All in Love: The sonic equivalent to that great romantic movie True Romance.
  5. Collective Soul - Tremble for my Beloved: A great live band. Whatever happened to them?
  6. Madonna - Love Profusion (Head Cleaner Rock Mix): Check out this hard rocking remix of one of her most under-rated songs.
  7. Nada Surf - Inside of Love : A song for hopeless romantics everywhere.
  8. Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield: The 80's classic with the unintentionally hilarious video.
  9. Sheila E - A Love Bizarre: Funky Prince-penned 80's hit from sexy drummer Sheila E.
  10. Madonna - Justify My Love: One more from Madonna. This could be the one to get the blog banned!!


  1. زيدون:
    علشان خاطري ضيف أغنية (لا تروحي) لـ جوزيف عطية.
    اسمعها و عطني رأيك فيها.
    رائعة للفالنتاين.

  2. انت تعرفين موقفي من فالنتاين

  3. شنو دخل موقفك يا أستاذ..؟؟؟
    بس اسمع الأغنية...... و إعمل عيد الزيدان...ما تفرق معنا..ّ


    و هذا رابط الأغنية للذين يحبون الـ


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