Thursday, March 15, 2007

Playlist March 15 - 21

Question: What does your taste in music say about you? Is it an accurate reflection of who you are as a person? This report seems to think so, although it only takes into account Western music, but I think the same theories can apply to different tastes in any kind of music as well..

While you're trying to figure yourself out (and possibly everyone you know) based on taste in music, here's the playlist after a long absence with so many great new releases:
  1. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible: Just the other day I was thinking how more indie bands are sounding a lot like Springsteen. Turns out I'm not alone. First single is Black Mirror.
  2. Tracy Thorn - Out of the Woods: Solo album by lead singer of "Everything But The Girl". Just as you would expect. First Single is "It's All True".
  3. Joss Stone - Introducing Joss Stone: Why she's being "introduced" on her 3rd album is anyone's guess, but she's back with more of her trademark blue-eyed retro soul. First single is "Tell Me 'Bout It"
  4. Paolo Nutini - New Shoes: Admit it.. Walking around with cool new shoes on is an uplifting experience!
  5. The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control: That size! That voice!
  6. David Vandervelde - Murder in Michigan: This could've been written by the late George Harrison, a beautiful song about a deadly subject.
  7. Klaxons - Golden Skans: No idea what "Skans" are, but it's a cool song with a bizarre video.
  8. Calvin Harris - Acceptable in the 80's: What was acceptable back in the 80's that's not acceptable now? Discuss.

Earlier this week, the lead singer of classic rock group Boston was found dead in his home in New Hampshire, USA. So in his honor, the classic selection this week is their smash hit "More Than a Feeling".

I'm also told that Purgatory flew to New Hampshire for the funeral. Can anyone verify that?

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