Monday, June 11, 2007

Playlist Survey

As you've probably noticed, the Playlist has been absent for a while mainly because I feel that it doesn't generate as much interest as it used to.

So in the spirit of democracy and to give you - the people - a final say in the matter, I've put up this little poll...


Would you like me to bring back the weekly playlist of my music recommendations?

Yes please!!
Hell no!
What playlist??
Make it monthly
Your taste in music sucks!
Not enough Arabic
Music is Haram!


  1. Wasn't going to vote.. I told you where I stand on democracy :P

    كنت راح أنادي بمقاطعة الاستفتاء.. بس غيرت رايي

    Check my blog in a few minutes.

  2. هااااااااااااااووو يس يس بس على شرط سامريات ومثولث اعيوني

  3. Ma a9addiq ... OMG

    اليوم بالظهر وآنا أسمع الراديو وأغانيه السخيفة قاعد أفكر .. وين راحت يور ميوزك ليستس؟؟

    شنك تقرا أفكاري

    I wanted to vote both
    - Bring it back please
    - Not enought arabic

  4. Dude! Yeah, bring the darn playlist back! Lately you've been nothing but politics, politics and more politics. You were starting to depress me, seriously :p

  5. jambino

    I was starting to depress myself too! Did you vote?

  6. Hahaha

    I cheated. Voted twice :P

  7. ok, i voted again to bring it back, but i also would like more arabic.
    thank you

  8. و اللي عمره ما جرب البلي لست؟

    انا صوت على واتس بلاي لست عشان بس ما اجرح شعورك

  9. Sorry for being off-topic, but on another blog you stated:

    ذكرتني بمواضيع أبوحفص، الله يفك أسره

    I miss his blog and I was just wondering if he's really in prison or were you just joking?

  10. Al... i miss him too but i was joking about prison

  11. not all music haram
    Al-3fasi & the classical are not!

  12. Zaydoun said...
    "Al... i miss him too but i was joking about prison"

    So, does anyone know what happened to him?

  13. hehehehe, Shurouq, I did too.. shhhhhhhhh :P

  14. while you are at it include french music :p

  15. The playlist returns! Watch this space

  16. بدأ اللقاء مع النائب محمد الصقر الخاص بموضوع الناقلات

    علما بأن النائب يتلقى الأسئلة من اليوم الأربعاء ولمدة اسبوع

    يشرفنا انضمامكم الى الشبكة

  17. yes yes yes bring it back!! i'm a huge fan of the playlist! i like to see which bands you refer to that i'm already listening to... nice ego massage :P
    OH! itha ta7a6a6na o saweena radio station bs 7aggik and other music die hard fans, would you air your selection?
    ok i admit that's a stretch... how about a podcast?


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