Thursday, August 09, 2007

Alex does Failaka

Or "did" Failaka, as it were...
Beneath the sun-baked sands of Failaka, archaeologists hope to unearth the secrets of an earlier conquest - a settlement established by Alexander's general, Nearchus, in the 4th Century BC.

The excavations will focus on the ruins of an ancient citadel and cemetery, the general secretary of the Greek culture ministry, Christos Zahopoulos, told the BBC News website.

Earlier work by French archaeologists has uncovered the remnants of a temple to Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting, as well as several Greek coins and idols.
Imagine the tourism opportunities... On second thought, never mind!


  1. اي والله

    never mind.. lol

  2. yep , never , never mind , go to sleep

  3. u serious ! if they consider sat as a holiday is a sin ! they would accept having "Pagan" temple !

    Khalha 3alla allah

  4. Thanks for the post.

    What's exciting is that there are supposedly going to be nine different archeological excavation teams coming this year.
    So far i havn't seen any.

    In other news, though. The museum at Failaka has been closed for 'renovation' for the past three years. It's totally tragic, too.

    I havn't gone to Failaka as part of the team yet, but experience shows that not many (from the Kuwaiti team) actually get to work there. There's a slight mentality that figures 'let the professionals do the Failaka work' while everything else is up for grabs (Bhaita, Subbiya, other random desert places).

    Failaka is great. There's this great map of all the civilizations that risided there in the archaeological display room here at the Kuwait National Museum. Oh, and you get to see all the findings :p It's totally cool just randomly having access to all these things.

    Sometimes, i just want to hug my job.



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