Tuesday, October 09, 2007

مركز اقتصادي بربس

آل ايه؟؟؟ آل مركز اقتصادي .... هاهاهاهاها .... ضحكتني وانا وجعان

بذمتكم أي مركز اقتصادي بعد قراءة هذا الخبر؟؟


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  2. عادي جدا
    من 4500 شهريا إلى 7500

    ما دخل هذا بالاقتصاد؟

    يعني دفع 36 ألف د.ك سنويا ستجعل الشركات ترفع الأسعار.... يطلعون إنتهازيين لو سووها
    مئات الألوف تجيهم شهريا إقعدت على تكلا 3000 زيادة لرسوم الشركة شهريا.. مو معقوله

  3. أعتقد ان المبلغ بسيط
    بس الشركات تبي أي شئ علشان ترفع الأسعار أو كلش كلش ما تخفضها

  4. زيدون موحد أمة البلوغات ..مبارك عيدك مقدما وعساك من العايدين الغانمين

    اخوك بن كريشان

  5. لا زال في الكويت عقلية الدولة البوليسية. الانترنت مقننة حتى يصيطرون لكسلهم في الرد عليها. والآن مع اتجاه امريكا الى احياء الرايخ الرابع تحت نظام قمعي عالمي شامل.

    اللي راح يصير كالتالي سيزاد تقنين الانترت. ثم سيصبح اهل الامن الاكتروني اهم ممن يوظفهم، فيقررو ن ان هم اولى كمعازيب من المعازيب، ويشيلونهم ويصيرون مكانهم.

    اما انا فراح احط تلفزيون 100 بوصة اللي يتصفط واطالع افلام واسافر على الجزيرة حق بانكوك وآكل اميريكانا (100% عربية) في العولمة المجيدة. ثم اموت من اكل من المحاصيل المسممة جينياً.

  6. بعد ما شفنا شيئ

    نحن في انحدار في كل شئ

    كنا في صدارة الاقتصاد

    الان .. دبي ؟

    القضيه مو غصب .. اننا سوف نرجع مكانتنا ؟؟؟؟؟

    يصير الارجنتين .. ترجع مرادونا

    يلعب بالمنتخب ؟؟

    هذا حلم .. ونحن نحلم ايضا

    بالصداره الاقتصاديه

    خلااااص عافك الخاطر

  7. بن كريشان

    انت حي للحين

    كل هالكتابات عن الديانات

    في بلوغك

    وانت ما تعرف تكتب عربي

    حتى معايده العيد كاتبها

    وتقول انا عربي من الامارات ؟؟

    عيل من يكتب لك ؟؟

  8. ابتسم انت في بلد البطيخ ;)

  9. I have no idea what anybody is saying but I have a "It's a small world" story to tell to the author of this blog. I hope he gets it.

    ...So I accidentally come across this story by a guy from kuwait named Ziad that went to school at GWU. He tells a story about going to his friend Bryant's house for Thanksgiving diner.

    I have to be revived by paramedics because I knew the guy telling the story at college and was a roommate with the guy Bryant. I have not seen either in 20 years. This is totally crazy.

    Can you guess who this is?

  10. Xman5

    Holy crap! Who are you?!

    I'm still in touch with Bryant and was even an usher at his wedding!

  11. Robert... Small world indeed! I had a feeling it would either be you or Jerry Gertzman. How are you?

  12. We were all mutual friends. I was bryants roommate then he was Jerrie's roomate.

    Haven't thought about it for years.

    Still have to thank you for being my non roommate for junior when you moved off campus, so I had the big double to myself all year.

  13. I guess you are online now. I am sitting at work doing nothing.

    Doing pretty good.

  14. Yeah.. corner room on the 7th floor at Crawford Hall. You had it made!

    So how did you find me?

  15. I was searching something on google.

    Can't remember what.
    It listed a story about thanksgiving and a guy named Ziad.

    How many Ziad's are there? Clicked on it and you talked about going to bryants house for thanksgiving.

    I showed it to my secretary and I told her I went to school with those guys. She did not belive me.

    I did not belive it myself.

  16. That's crazy... can you give me the link? I don't remember ever seeing it

    So what do you do now?

  17. Tell bryant I say Hi.

    Some day we all have to get together.

    My email is robertmendelsohn@yahoo.com.

    tell him to email me.

    I have to get back to work.

  18. I will have to do the search again.

    I work as a Computer network consultant in NY.

    I also do alot of Custom Database Software programing.

  19. http://www.plastic.com/comments.html;sid=02/11/29/13585831;cid=76

  20. OK now I remember... haven't been on Plastic in a while

  21. I guess now I have to track down Jerry.

    Later for now.

  22. Since all of the blog can not wait to hear what I found, Ok so maybe only Z.

    It is now Dr. Jerrold S Gertzman MD. General Medicine. Our little boy has grown up.

    Right. Could not belive it myself. Did not have the guts to contact him but based on the search the age location and relative names matched up.

    Just another exciting day at work. This is becoming my favorite place, though the Arabic-English translator program needs work.

    PS. Can't wait for Novembers Playlist


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