Sunday, October 24, 2004

Beautiful Day

Just went for a quick stroll, and the weather is unbelievable!

People, it would be a waste if you stayed indoors this evening. The weather is too nice, so go out and enjoy it!


  1. That is the quiet before the storm.

  2. And they call ME negative!!

  3. Isn't it just? I've been leaving the windows of my car down whenever I'm driving, for the past few days now :)
    Only at night though.

  4. Though eny mo 6al3ah 2day.. bas 7assah 2day wedy a6la3...I'm telling ahaly.. bas kela malna khelg!! oo sar ley weeks men zwarah ley zwarah... any tricky ways to convince them..?


  5. Take them to Marina Crescent

    Alternatively... Keshtay feehum

  6. هل لديك أماكن تنصح بها الشباب المسلم أن يذهب إليها بدلا من التسكع في المجمعات وشرب التتن في الهواء الطلق

  7. bagoom aroo7 el-mamsha... oo 3ala goltek bakshet feehum.. makoo faydah oo i hate being 7anah..:'(

    Yallah have fun Zaydoun if you are planing to go out..
    Hasta luego a todos

  8. Zaydoun,

    Nah, no one is as negative as me when it comes to it.

  9. Zoz: enshalla it will stay the same till my ghabga i was with my friends last night we were sitting in the garden to me it was a shame to stay indoors

  10. أبو حفص، خذ ربعك وروحوا الممشى على الواجهة البحرية من المركز العلمي إلى مارينا مول، حركوا بدنكم ترى زين حق المعدة والهضم، وهذه اختصاصاتك الله يهداك

    نانو، خوش قمرة الخميس

  11. Last night was beautiful, i sat outdoors with a couple of my dearest friends, had sushi and endless conversations......a slight breeze and silence. It was quite picturesque :-)

  12. Hathee il Kuwait 9al 3ala il Nibbiy!

    Ya 7elouwha... Wallah A7ibha...

    I Love Kuwait ! (sorry, Just wanted to scream it out loud somewhere)


    PSS :)

  13. Nice weather + Bad mood = Chocolate overdose

    and Zaydoun, your blog is anything but negative

  14. Thank God at Last The Weather is Changing . tra ma 3umur ha Sarat il Jaw lel7en 7aar !! last year o ily gabla ma kan chithy

    Nano Ghabga ? o leesh ma ta3zemeeenaa ya 7afeeth


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