Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Absentee Voting

A newsflash across the TV screens last night said that NASA astronauts voted for their choice of president from outer space! I couldn't get that image out of my mind, and whether Bush or Kerry wins (and sadly, it's looking like Bush) you can't help but admire democracy at its greatest.

I've always wondered how come Kuwaiti citizens who live or work abroad are not allowed to vote at our embassies around the world using an absentee ballot, and what's the logic behind denying our armed forces the right to vote as well?


  1. What's the logic behind denying ME the right to vote DAMNIT???

    OMG Bush is winning! :(

  2. Lots of reasons. bedouns will be the major part of parliment for one reason. the ruling family will loose its grip. and for the logic of women not being able to vote isnt just about allowing you to vote. If you vote then you can divorce your husband and you can take half his wealth and you will make the guys with long beards tremble and that wont happen any time soon

  3. Shurouq, of course there's no logic behind denying women the vote. This will be a stain on our country forever.

    But I'm wondering about issues that don't get much discussion or coverage, such as voting overseas and the armed forces situation.


  5. There are so many issues that are not discussed, and it really is amazing that the people who are asked to die for the country don't get the right to vote for who asks them to die.
    And female suffrage is looooooong overdue (despite some strange notions in a former Oprah guests mind)
    Hey, Zaydoun, due to a glitch that won't let me comment on the previous post, just wanted to ask, have you seen 'Unprecedented'( )
    Or read Greg Palast's 'The Best Democracy Money can Buy'( )

  6. kwtia, I've heard of both of these but I haven't seen or read them. At this point, it doesn't really matter how many books or movies expose the corruption and stupdidity of George W. Bush.. We're up for 4 more dark years, unless he's impeached.

  7. This might be a little lengthy, I hope it doesn?t get there..

    I tried commenting on your last post, but I guess you chose the no comment post.. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that it is wrong to see Fahrenheit 911 a night before the election, the movie is totally bias, and plays with human emotions, don?t forget it is made by director who took an Oscar, I watched the movie, too much poking on the wounds of the ones who are grieving of losing someone in the war.. That scene with the woman shouting ?Why? near the white house??, Now come on now, are you trying to tell me he didn?t take advantage of her mourn.. That was toooo freakin? much man, and many other cut and past scenes to make the movie more interesting and cryable.. Couldn?t you see the subliminal message hidden.. ok here it is if you it was played successful and never been caught, (Fahrenheit 911: Bo republicans, yay Democrats.. ) I have read many articles,(I wish I have saved some of them for a day like this to show you), but I found that many stories Moore said had lack of evidence, and it was all on assumption, and this is not acceptable.. Dude, wars are ugly, just watch band of brothers, it?s exactly the same, the 911 movie is also exposing what happens in wars.. that?s it..

    Let?s look at it from another side, the side of Kuwait in specific, What do you want from Bush or Kerry? Do you want the health care plans to be better?? Do you want more job opportunities for Americans ? Or Maybe lower their taxes?? Better education system, or good support of senior citizens.. Dude, you have to know, that the foreign affairs for both parties are exactly the same, republican, or democrat, doesn?t make a difference when it comes to the Iraqi war.. Other than Kerry saying I?ll involve more European counties and the UN in Iraq, which also could be just a promise that will never be kept when he gets to office.. (Try to remember Bush sr. (republican), and Bill Lewinsky aah I mean Clinton (democrat), they kept the same foreign affair policies.) It?s exactly the same thing today? So now let?s go back to my last paragraph, (Fahrenheit 911: Bo republicans, yay Democrat..) I hope it?s more clear now, after you emotions settled in from watching the movie..

    I as a Kuwaiti, wish that I could vote in their election, (By the way I don?t vote in Kuwait?s majlis ommah election, for not believing in the Kuwaiti system), and I will be voting for Bush jr., not because he?s wild el ghaly NO, but because :

    1) to Kuwait, he took of Sadam, no more threats from the neighbor once every six months, with army standing to invade, waiting for the fun in Kuwait to begin.. no we don?t have that fear?
    2) to Kuwait, We were scared $h!tless of the weapons of mass destructions, even if they couldn?t find it, the peace of mind that we have is more than enough.. (Remember, the masks distributed, and people taping their windows during the war??)
    3) to Kuwait, oil price went up, and the deficits turned in to surpluses hence 200 KD to all Kuwaitis.. LOL
    4) to Kuwait, refreshed our economy, many companies made fortunes with contracts..
    5) And it seems that you and some of your friends over here are stock market lovers, (me too, I do it for a living), for instance:
    a. The KSE price index was 1775.9 on march 3rd 2002
    b. The KSE price index is 6158.9 on Nov. 2nd 2004
    Need I say more here ??

    So let?s see things clearly, then again, I?m looking at it as a Kuwaiti not American, Bush given us home security, better economy? I would elect him only on those points, despite his military record, if he smoked up or not, or his relationship with Al-Saud Family, Heck I would have loved to be his friend staying for dinner at his house, and talk business.. Let him make all the money he wants on the side, I could care less?

    In the end, I just wanted to tell you that watching the movie, and making Moore play with your mind, and letting you see things un clear for saying stuff about Bush making money and $h!t is totally unfair.. I hate talking politics, yet, you intrigued me to do so..

    Just think about what I have said..

    And As for the absentees votes, no comment, or better yet, go back to my paragraph and add it as a reason for me not voting here in Kuwait..

    Respectfully yours, Don Colreone.. :)

  8. The Don, my opinion of Dubya was already formed and confirmed WAAAAAAAY before I saw Fahrenheit 9/11. In fact, WAAAAY before the 2000 elections

    But thanks for your insight, my friend


  9. Zaydoun:أدري راح تزفني لأني طلعت بره الموضوع
    بس ما عندي تفسير موضوعي يبرر عدم تصويت الكويتيين اللي خارج الكويت في الانتخابات
    The Don:انا احترم وجهة نظرك بس أنا أحتر من اللي يقول ان بوش خلصنا من صدام بوش او غير بوش ما كان راح يخلصنا من اي احد لو كان يخدم مصلحتهم بس لسوء حظ صدام و حسن حظنا ان مصلحة ماما امريكا تضاربت مع صدام.. وبعدين انت ليش ما تصوت ليش هالسلبيه في رأيي ان هذا النوع من عدم المشاركه ما راح يساعدنا في شئ بل بالعكس راح يمكن القوى الاخرى من التغلغل و الاستقرار

  10. they don't let the army vote because its full of bedion , its the goverment idea of balancing

    they don't let the people abroad vote because its work and we are much lazy

  11. Nano,
    ليش أزفك؟ انتي بصلب الموضوع

    الاعتذار للحميع للخلل الفني في التعليق على موضوع الانتخابات الأمريكية، مادري شفيهم جماعة


    follow election here

  13. dear Z,
    i pitty those naive enough to think that Kerry stands a chance. nobody changes horses halfway through the race.
    and for reasons that theDon already mentioned i fully supports Bush.
    also, you have to realize that the US is a nation of business-people. when you make a decision such as this one, you tend to think with your wallet and not your heart.

  14. The Don
    Well said. I agree to all the above and have one more to add:
    AS A KUWAITI, I have feelings for the Iraqi people, and although I do not approve the current US policy in Iraq, but then again I'm not much into politics and I don't trust the media. But what I know for a fact that America helped Iraqis get red of the typhoon; this butcher who crucified his own people and massacred two of his neighbors.
    e-galy wild el-galy, tribal? Yes I can't be but loyal. He did it for money they say, but you know what he paid?? blood. Which is far more dear that the filthy money.
    The problem with us third nation countries that our thinking is as limited as 100 square meters to our noses.
    Guys, we are talking 'bout an established system of democracy, veteran politicians, election games are there for us to watch and learn, but not to participate. They are way more advanced than we may think; notice all the filthy games that had started for some good time before the elections.
    USA is the hugest democratic nation, not literally, but supposedly. With a well established system. Its foreign affairs policy, which I assume is the only area for my concern as a foreigner, would not change by changing one man, not even by changing percentages of the parties in congress.

  15. Points taken one and all... I still hate him

  16. and i still love him. plus he is my baby's grandad :P loooooool, well the bush twins are kinda hot kinda... not to mention its a two for the price of one...:P

  17. Of all the reactions to Bush's victory that I read, this has to be the funniest. And from an American too:

    "America has often been seen as a bit of an adolescent by the rest of the world. Awkward and prone to making silly mistakes, America seemed to make a mess of a lot of things but did so with such enthusiasm and hope that the world gave America a pass.

    America embodied everything good about the young. A fervent belief in potential and what could be; idealism and a sense of forward purpose. America had that "can do" attitude, doing things because they were hard, because they were exciting, because they were for the future -- stuff that the rest of the world could only wish they had the balls to do.

    Sure, there was a dark underbelly and everything was not perfect, but for the most part America was the America of Elvis, of Utah beach, of "On the Road," of the Jetsons, Mickey Mantle and Ford Thunderbirds.

    But America has aged over the last four years. And it ain't pretty. America is now the beer-bellied ass who tells everyone else how to run their lives, kicks the cat and makes jokes about his spouse's butt in front of the family. America is the big guy on the block whom everyone tries to duck away from but can't because he's out there every day loudly telling everyone what he's going to do to so and so, and if anyone has a problem with that then they are gay. America is now a middle-aged oaf. America is now the America of Ashlee Simpson, porn, Abu Ghraib, NFL Sundays and gas-guzzling SUVs.

    Yes, America is an adult now. Welcome to the neighborhood."

  18. Dear Z,ok this is going to be long and rambled but i guarantee its worth the read.

    True indeed, america has aged. not due to its own choice but rather by the rest of the worlds' incapability to stand up for what they believe. Im not an american, and to be honest i dont want to be, i enjoy being kuwaiti/venezuelan. but back on america.
    america is now the world police, not due to its own choice. you can all critique its actions and what have you not, but think about it, if it were not for the USA being the world police, Kuwait would now be a part of Iraq, the whole of Korea would be communist, along with Vietnam and Laos, and Paul Pott would still go around beheading people in Cambodia, Afhganistan would be communist too, Russia would still be Russia and not the broken up USSR. did i mention Kuwait would be a part of Iraq?

    A lot of people critisize the USA for taking on the role of world police, but refuse to face the fact, that the USA stepped up to the plate because no one else would. and please dont tell me Brittain would have, because until the end of WW2 Brittain was still too busy expanding the empire. and germany was too busy killing jews and trying to take over the world from the brits. so who was left to take the role of moderator: US of A. also, if you are going to blame anyone for having the USA as world police, blame the Japs for attacking Pearl Harbor and drawing in the USA into WW2 and thus setting in motion the world police force that is now known as USA.
    and you could argue that the USA disregards the United Nations: newsflash the USA is the backbone to the United Nations. the ruskies aint got shit, the chinks cant do anything without their chopsticks, the french are too busy eating cheese and cracker while guzzling wine (yummy), and the other non-permanent nations that are members to the securty council are inconsequential: today its nambia, tomorow it greece and so on. if the USA goes one way, so does Brittain, and France because they know better. China is quick to follow and then russia after a little quid-pro-quo because they still have a chip on their shoulder.

    Also, the UN has demonstrated how incapable it is in enforcing anything without having the support, both in the office and in the ground, of the USA: case and point(s):

    1-Kuwait-Iraq invasion 1990 resolution something something..
    2-Yugoslavia and the ethinic cleansing
    3-Soviet invasion of russia
    4-North Korea invading south Korea
    and the list goes on and on.

    so yes, American has aged, it has metamorphesized from a teen into a middle-aged adult with a midlife crisis, but that is what happens when you have so many responsabilities...

  19. 3 is supposed to be USSR invading Afghanistan.
    aslo, since im on a roll, look at the Kyoto Protocol: when the USA initially said that it would not ractify it, the whole thing came apart. i havent checked the status of said protocol, but i can only wonder.

    also, the world economy depends on the USA. you might think its not, but my friend is it. if the USA decides to strong arm oil production and pay only $0.50 a gallon, i can guarantee you that the economy of oil-producing countries such as Kuwait, Saudi arabia and such including venezuela will crash.

    Also, most world markets and all big companies are based out of the USA. Halliburton, Meryl-Lynch, Morgan Stanley, etc. stock markets all over the world open and turn their eyes towards the USA. If the US market crashed, the rest of the world soon follows. If the Kuwait market crashed, the US market wouldnt flinch. if the Jap market crashed, who cared, to the gringos it means cheaper sushi. ok so i might have exaggerated a little bit with the sushi, but the extent fo the effects of the world market crashing would have a much smaller effect than if it were vice-versa.

    also, have you thought what your life would be without the USA? i dont even want to beggin to imagine. i might hate being in miami (i dont but sometimes i just want to be home-its natural) but you have to admire a nation in which you can come in as an immigrant, become a movie star, marry a Kennedy, and then become governor of one richest states and hope to one day become president of the country (im talking about Arnie in case you guys didnt catch on)? can you do that in kuwait? ahhaahaha nice joke, you come in pakistani and you die pakistani. case and point:
    one time during the summer i was with my father in the minister of education's office. a palestinian retired teacher came in, and asked that since he taught in kuwait public schools all his life, and married a kuwaiti woman (who passed away) if he could obtain a permit to be burried next to his wife when his time came. the answer: il6la3a barra maktabi ya m3afan! inta takhidh m3ashak min il kuwait, oo il7ein tebi itmoot ib il kuwait? sij ma ti9tahi!! barra yalla!
    this coming from a sad..

    anywyas so back to like any other country it has its problems, which apparently everyone likes to critisize as if they were perfect, but as we all know, that seldom is the case...

  20. Michael Moore is a sensationalist filmmaker. His mockumentary is only persuading to those who don't know any better.

    "A comprehensive review of the uncounted Florida ballots from last year's presidential election reveals that George W. Bush would have won even if the United States Supreme Court had allowed the statewide manual recount of the votes that the Florida Supreme Court had ordered to go forward."
    -New York Times, November 21,2001

    The US is not a direct democracy. It's a constitutional republic. You don't become President if you have the popular vote (a la Al Gore). You win if you get the 270 ELECTORAL COLLEGE votes (out of the possible 538) needed for a majority. Simple arithmetic.

    Please stop perpetuating unfounded claims about the 2000 election having been "stolen."

    Oh, and about Bush being "the most polarizing president ever," he's actually just as polarizing as Bill Clinton, closely followed by Reagan, Nixon, and Eisenhower.


  21. q8dc: i totally agree with you. also the only reason why people think Bush is that way is because the USA has become a nation of uber-sensative-feely-touchy people, and Bush, unlike his predecesors is a more of an "in your face" kind of guy.

    Just imagine:
    "I did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky" Clinton

    "Well she got down on her paws and i reckened she was fixin' to give little Hank down there a ..." Bush

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