Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Club Fights

If you're at a party this weekend or if you're traveling and you end up at a nightclub, and a fight breaks out... here are the most likely causes:


  1. the No.1 reason: "you spilled my drink"

  2. That's really good but what about doing one that applies specifically to parties in Kuwait...

  3. Well.. I didn't do this one, I nicked it off The Onion.

    Mad M2000 would be the right person to do a cartoon about party fights in Kuwait.. If only he would come out of hiding!!

    But in the meantime... why don't you bloggers give some causes based on your experiences here?

  4. The most likely causes if a fight breaks out at a nightclub are:

    1)You're looking at someone's girl for too long.

    2)You're wearing different colors (Crip/Blood rivalry)

    3)If several girls refuse to dance with you, you start a fight with the guy who's getting the most luck with the women to save your manhood

  5. Most likely causes nowadays >>>>>>
    A Guy with a Big Brown/Black Eye, bushy Mustache/Beard, and Dark/Black Hair.
    Whoever qualifies for the above criteria, better watch it cause it's gonna be your Azz out there!


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