Sunday, December 19, 2004


Capricorn 22 Dec-19 Jan
There comes a moment when even a Capricorn has enough of keeping the world turning, and barking common sense at thankless minions or selflessly tending to others (delete as appropriate). That moment arrives on Tuesday when the Sun is reborn (and unto us a Son is given). Thereafter grab your rest, contemplation and enjoyment. With Sun and Chiron in Capricorn, what you bring to the party is light, wisdom and, er, money.

Hmmm... I wonder what that means for me


  1. loooool money ha?
    Ok, I have been camping here at the office for almost 2 days. I'm tired and wanna live to "see the sun again!" as Dido promises, but this made me laugh.
    Isn't it weird though that I'm taking a break to check yr blog with all the things I could've been doing right now? I guess it's the lack of sleep :P
    But thnx for making me laugh, honestly I needed it.
    Agool, esh hal na3'za el 3ooda ;)
    Happy B-day Mogadaman...mnk el3eed meylad o mana el KK.

  2. My birthday is a while away... My profile says I'm a Capricorn anyway ;-)

    And really, you're in New York!! Surely there are more exciting things to do than follow my blog?!

  3. Zaydoun
    U are a Gemini like me... what made me say that? well, maybe the VOODOO :) or the coffee that i've been drinking for 2 days... and im not a coffee person.
    As for now I can't have fun, it's time to work dear.
    some one here is wearing sweatpants with the word "kick" on u know what..what do u think? should I do it? I am soooo tempted wallah.

  4. Um... I'm a Capricorn. Really. I am

  5. mmm, ersa lek 3ala bar :)
    I don't know how but I managed to turn this to a chat, excuse moi :)

  6. Ay bar Allah yhadach? I said I was a Capricorn all along. I never mentioned Gemini anywhere

  7. OMG, sorry I read it differently.
    Ok that's it, im heading home. The morning has broken.

  8. LOOOoooOOOOOL that was the funniest conversation i ever read
    هذا اللي يسمونه حوار الطرشان

  9. مسكينة محبوسة في الدوام في الويك-اند بينما نيويورك تتلألأ من حولها... أكيد راح تهلوس. أنا لو مكانها كنت استخفّيت

    شدة وتزول انشاءالله... متى توصلين الكويت؟ متنا واحنا ننطر كرسبي كريم

  10. LOL thats funny! My thoughts exactly! I'm a Capi 2 and I've been "tending selflessly" to others way too much today.

  11. hmm, and I thought you were special, but turns that all Capricorn are like that! boy oh boy, what can us minions (why does it sound like some lamb dish) do!!

  12. Capricorn على طاري

    زاهد مطر اليوم في جريدة السياسة آخر صفحة ياب طاري الميل في المكحلة

  13. i dont know if its a fact or not .. but i believe that all the capricorns are the smartest ppl !! i know alot of ppl who are capricorns oo uhma il 3abaaqira .. and for some reason they are rrrrreally good friends !!

  14. Zaydoun,
    A little bit louder please...some people in Lima could not hear you! Inshallah soooooon, I just need to take care of something here. Hatha u3ne ana sa2letek t9ber le el-Christmas?
    Ps: I've just answered yr question about racism at Q's, sorry for the delay.


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