Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What.. Me Worry?

وأضاف الشيخ صباح يجب على النواب والاعلام معالجة الامر بحكمة وتعقل حتى لا يتحول هذا الاستجواب، لا سمح لله، الى فتنة وبداية استجوابات طائفية...وقال الشيخ صباح "بصراحة انا قلق من هذا الاستجواب،واناشدكم كرؤساء تحرير الحكمة والتهدئة والحفاظ على الوحدة الوطنية

طائفية في مجلس الأمة؟! صج والله؟! يا بو ناصر هل تعتقد أن لو كان ابوالحسن سني ولا ولد شيوخ (درجة أولى) لتجرأ نواب الصراخ باستجوابه على أتفه المواضيع؟ لست بصدد الدفاع هنا عن أبو الحسن لأن خيبة أملي فيه لا توصف، لكن لا بد لكلمة الحق أن تقال... وكما يقول المثل أبوي ما يقدر الا على أمي

وزير الإعلام السابق - وزير الطاقة الحالي - تارك الوزارة اسبوعين ورايح يجابل دورة الخليج في قطر، ولا أعتقد أنه سيرجع الكويت اليوم بعد هزيمة البارحة بل سيبقى هناك لحضور حفل الختام

هل سيتعرض للاستجواب عند رجوعه؟ ها ها ها ها... والله ينكّت زيدون من الصبح


  1. hahaha, nice post zaydoun....but what i like most is the title! thakkarny ib ayaam awwal, MAD! I actually bought an issue recently from Dubai and the magazine has never been funnier, I think they changed the staff or something, but it seriously kicks ass!

  2. Q i bought archie for bathroom use but then i gave to my cousin she also said it bathroom reading i guess its the best Laxative.
    to bad i didnt get mad i love it 2

  3. i used to adore mad....*sigh* i miss u alfred. i still remember being bummed out when i found out that it had been banned...this was back in high school...heheheh at first they used to smtimes censor some bits of it 7asab il mazaj (eg cartoon of guy mooning got the black marker treatment....hilariously tragic, no? it's a friggin comic!) oh and sorry Z, but we seem to have digressed and moved away from such highbrow issues as politics, grillings and ...*zzzzz, snooze*. oh so anyway, got a few copies of mad maybe a year ago and was really disapponted...the classics r still there (thank god) but it's not as sharp, it's way more commercialised and just doesn't pack the same punch...i dunno, i used to like the combo of pure silliness with its acute sense of wit that appealed to so many generations.

  4. I agree cici, a couple of years ago I used to buy it whenever I got a chance, and it wasnt as good as it seems when I was a kid, so I figured I mustve outgrown it.....but this latest issue I got was really funny, and really different! Still commercialized, but the stuff inside was creative for a change!

    mosan...shakhbaaaaaaary archie! 3aad tadry last month I was in the jam3iya with my wife and we saw majallat Maajid on the stand, we just had to buy it! I used it for toilet reading too, it lasted 2 mins, the comics in that magazine are unbelievably lame! I cant believe I used to enjoy it! Still, at least it brought back memories!

  5. According to Abu Hafs... the cool thing to do is to rig a WiFi connection in your house so you can surf the web on your laptop while you're on the toilet. I even tried it once!!

    OK... now back to the post's subject, kids!


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